Call me maybe at the Payphone?

Lets start of with this. I've been playing music my entire life, and definitely its my passion. I've always recorded my music, but it always have been on a super amateur level as I was just using my camera to do so. As for this year, I wanted to finally break through with it, and I decided to buy some recording equipment which was the Presonus Audiobox. 

So in order for me to record, I need a good pair of earphones to make sure everything suits well with the music I create. Luckily, I was able to try out the new Sennheiser Momentum's. Its pretty nice in design and the sound is good. A lil small for my head though. There were a few times I tried playing some songs, but the treble and mids became a bit too sharp, but other than that, it's good.

 photo DSC_1531_zps1beea0db.jpg
The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones

So I started off by recording my piano & background music, followed with the melody which was the violin. Using the Momentum's, I was able to playback my previous recordings, and also create my first track! I did a short simple mashup of "Call Me Maybe" and "Payphone"

 photo DSC_1536_zps830cee39.jpg
The Sennheisers with my Audiobox

 photo DSC_1543_zpse76343e9.jpg
Recording the background music

 photo DSC_1539_zpsddbd4e35.jpg
and the violin!

and after recording everything, I headed out to shoot the video to accompany my short mashup. Have a look!

What do you think? This is my first attempt so I know there's plenty of improvement to be done!

Well other than that, The Sennheiser is also a fashion statement, where it gives you a more distinguished look compared to some other headphones we always see on the street :P (if you know which brand I'm saying haha)

Some random shots of me:

 photo DSC_1541_zpsfb39f3dd.jpg

 photo DSC_1542_zps906bb545.jpg

Well that's all for this post! I'll be experimenting on new music soon! stay tuned!