Amazing Ice Sculptures @ Singapore

 photo 20131214_171451_zps75980b4e.jpg

First and foremost, Happy Chinese New Year!

Ice sculptures are normally the ones you see at wedding where there would be a swan or something near the punch bowl, but that aren't the ones that I'm gonna write about here. I headed down to Singapore in December as part of my usual trips to visit my friends over there. There is always a new adventure that I go through, and as for this time, I was able to visit a showcase called 2 Degree Ice Art 2013/2014.

It is the largest ice art exhibition in Singapore yet, and there are 30 amazing sculptures to be seen. I headed over there with Ying Zi, and one thing that was epic, I managed to pass off as a student, so I enjoyed pretty good rates for it! We were given free gloves, and I rented one of the winter coats to keep myself warm inside since its about -15 degrees celcius in there! Brrrr!

It is open till 28th February 2014, so do head over there if you're interested in looking at these ice carvings and sculptures! More details here: 

Here are some of the ice sculptures in there which I've taken! 
(its pretty dim in there, and I was using my phone to take the photos. so don't mind the lack of quality compared to the photos I take using my dslr)

 photo 20131214_171356_zpsdddf73cb.jpg
Ying Zi

 photo 20131214_171505_zps227db60e.jpg
The Singapore Merlion

 photo 20131214_171533_zps27b61114.jpg

 photo 20131214_171623_zps00709bea.jpg
Some Chinese Doorway

 photo 20131214_171645_zps674d2ccf.jpg
The Eifel Tower!

 photo 20131214_171735_zpsda744566.jpg
Four Faced Buddha

 photo 20131214_171826_zpsa68b9ce6.jpg
An Imperial Chinese Ship

 photo 20131214_173005_zps87ba6e1d.jpg
Ice Dragon Carving

 photo 20131214_1729010_zps8a94b8fd.jpg
The Pharoah!

and guess what? There's even an ice slide there! so you can just get into the tube and slide your way down!

 photo 20131214_171941_zpsd9794a35.jpg

 photo 20131214_172537_zpsc7c87608.jpg
Ying Zi on the Tube

 photo 20131214_172543_zps6fe6dcb2.jpg
and off she goes!

 photo 20131214_171906_zpsc3c71045.jpg
Both of us once again

 photo 20131214_1734440_zps1eac6ccf.jpg
Nawwwhh see how cute she is?

 photo 20131214_173300_zpsf9b28bd5.jpg

 photo 20131214_173805_zps1f945168.jpg
Riding a dinosaur!

 photo 20131214_173554_zpsef186b46.jpg
Another photo of us

Soon after that we headed for a nice restaurant at Orchard road to end the day (can't remember the name of it though). It serves really simple food, but has a great taste to it! Its "sandwich like" with good presentation, and condiments which compliment each other

 photo 20131215_164923_zps43dc1c2d.jpg
I had a latte

 photo 20131215_164914_zps1be1297a.jpg
Salmon wrapped with egg, asparagus, avocado, salmon roe and bread

 photo 20131215_165016_zpsb607221c.jpg
Ying Zi with hers, which is Bacon wrapped egg, with mushrooms, asparagus, avocado and bread

Well that's all for this post! Will be updating soon!