A well needed vacation to Krabi

Middle of last month, I was able to head over to Krabi for a short vacation! best part? I only paid RM120 for my flight as Airasia had some promotions with it. Headed over there with Eileen, and we booked a hotel at Aonang Beach called Haleeva Sunshine Resort through Agoda which was located about 10 minutes walk from the main beach. Prices were pretty alright about RM100+ per night and the room was nice

As for our first destination, We chose to go to Hong Islands instead of Phi Phi islands as it seemed pretty crowded over there where everyone heads to Phi Phi islands. We went on a tour with one of those old traditional boats but it definitely was a fun ride as you get loud noises and a whole bunch of people making loads of noise during the ride

The tour took us to 4 different islands, where we were able to snorkel, swim and bask under the sun at the beach :) Have a look at some of the photos:

 photo DSC_0825_zps27eeea9e.jpg
eileen and I

 photo DSC_0864_zpsc30e312f.jpg
Them old speed boats

 photo DSC_0828_zps7a8c74d8.jpg
The first island we snorkelled at. We brought bread along so we could feed plenty of fish which came about

 photo DSC_0859_zps94a0c23e.jpg
Eileen & I at the 2nd Island

 photo DSC_0849_zps2c75e25e.jpg
Act Macho =D

 photo DSC_0839_zps56053aa4.jpg
Eileen in her bikini! Yums!

 photo DSC_0835_zpsededf17e.jpg
The view of the beach

As for the 3rd Island, its pretty secluded where there weren't much people there. It was great as we could just lie down under the sun getting more tanned (yeah I'm mad cos I'm so black already) and also there were plenty of swings to play with!

 photo DSC_0914_zps70e24c35.jpg
the 3rd Island

 photo DSC_0899_zpseefbcb65.jpg
Swing baby swing!

As for the 4th Island, it was a small lagoon actually, where tourist could go there and swim and have activities such as kayaking and more. as for me, I didn't sign up for the kayaking so its pretty much just enjoying the view of people playing in the water

 photo DSC_0946_zps9f59318c.jpg
The entrance to the lagoon

 photo DSC_0927_zps6d07e94b.jpg
Just another boat in the lagoon

Thats all for my Hong Islands trip, I'll be updating soon on more place I went to at Krabi! Stay Tuned!