Thursday, February 20, 2014

Call me maybe at the Payphone?

Lets start of with this. I've been playing music my entire life, and definitely its my passion. I've always recorded my music, but it always have been on a super amateur level as I was just using my camera to do so. As for this year, I wanted to finally break through with it, and I decided to buy some recording equipment which was the Presonus Audiobox. 

So in order for me to record, I need a good pair of earphones to make sure everything suits well with the music I create. Luckily, I was able to try out the new Sennheiser Momentum's. Its pretty nice in design and the sound is good. A lil small for my head though. There were a few times I tried playing some songs, but the treble and mids became a bit too sharp, but other than that, it's good.

 photo DSC_1531_zps1beea0db.jpg
The Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Headphones

So I started off by recording my piano & background music, followed with the melody which was the violin. Using the Momentum's, I was able to playback my previous recordings, and also create my first track! I did a short simple mashup of "Call Me Maybe" and "Payphone"

 photo DSC_1536_zps830cee39.jpg
The Sennheisers with my Audiobox

 photo DSC_1543_zpse76343e9.jpg
Recording the background music

 photo DSC_1539_zpsddbd4e35.jpg
and the violin!

and after recording everything, I headed out to shoot the video to accompany my short mashup. Have a look!

What do you think? This is my first attempt so I know there's plenty of improvement to be done!

Well other than that, The Sennheiser is also a fashion statement, where it gives you a more distinguished look compared to some other headphones we always see on the street :P (if you know which brand I'm saying haha)

Some random shots of me:

 photo DSC_1541_zpsfb39f3dd.jpg

 photo DSC_1542_zps906bb545.jpg

Well that's all for this post! I'll be experimenting on new music soon! stay tuned!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hot Springs & climbing the steps of enlightenment at Tiger Caves Temple

Continuing my previous post of my Krabi Trip, After heading to all the Islands, We decided  to head up to the mountains! We signed up for a tour which comprised of visiting the Hot Springs, Emerald Pool & Tiger Caves Temple. The van picked us up early in the morning where our first destination was 1 hour away.

Our first stop was the Hot Spring Waterfall. One thing I realized when you sign up for tours, you literally have to walk quite a bit as its quite a far bit from the car park up until the location itself. As for the hot springs, we took a 5 minute walk and we finally reached the waterfall

Funny fact, only the waterfall is hot. If you would to jump into the river which the waterfall flows to, its very cold and chilly. So what's the best option? just stay at the waterfall itself!

 photo DSC_0978_zpsc187f4a8.jpg
The Hot Stream before the waterfall (this is the hottest amongst all)

 photo DSC_0952_zps253799b4.jpg
The Hot Spring Waterfall..Bliss!

 photo DSC_0973_zps075f3487.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo DSC_0987_zpscd47b950.jpg
Enjoying a nice cuppa coffee after the dip!

Next stop, Emerald Pool! Its a pool which has crystal clear water and is Emerald in colour! This is long walk from the car park as its about 1km from the car park to the Emerald Pool. What's bad, there's only 1 hour allocated for Emerald Pool so we didn't swim in it, but instead we took another route to reach the Blue Pool which was another 1km away through the jungle!

 photo DSC_0995_zpsf2b9306d.jpg
The stream leading from Emerald Pool

 photo DSC_1005_zpsda259f22.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo DSC_1011_zpsb452c4e1.jpg
Emerald Pool. Pretty crowded though

 photo DSC_1019_zps2ca64e45.jpg
This is the beautiful Blue Pool. You can't swim in it because its deep and has muddy grounds which will drown you if you sink

 photo DSC_1036_zpsfc6d51fa.jpg
Eileen & I

We then had lunch at an Elephant trekking centre. We didn't sign up for the Elephant course as well, I've rode plenty of Elephants and there's nothing much to it. So in the end we just had lunch near the place. The food was good as it had some of the famous Thai dishes which weren't too spicy to cater to the ang moh taste.

 photo DSC_1051_zpscce6da79.jpg
The beautiful view at the makan place

 photo DSC_1042_zpscc30c2fe.jpg
Our table for four LOL

 photo DSC_1039_zpse2c0eff3.jpg
Stir Fried Veggies

 photo DSC_1040_zps5984904a.jpg
Tom Yum

 photo DSC_1041_zps386b52b8.jpg
Green Curry

The last stop was Tiger Caves Temple itself. Why do they call it Tiger Cave Temple? I do not know, they should have called it Monkey temple or something because there are dozens of monkeys roaming around the temple. 

The highlight of the temple is the 1,237 steps to the top of the mountain. Eileen and I were up for the challenge even though we are physically unfit haha. Believe it or not, its a crazy climb up those stairs and we were really dehydrated at the middle of the climb, but luckily when we reached the top, there was filtered water ready to drink. Enlightenment! 

 photo DSC_1140_zps1434e601.jpg
Some tiger we found at the temple

 photo DSC_1059_zpsd354d986.jpg
The happy face before climbing the steps

 photo DSC_1131_zps1f16ec4e.jpg
Off we go!

 photo DSC_1060_zps6ad60667.jpg
A monkey and its baby

 photo DSC_1065_zpse5310c1e.jpg
The view of the temple at the middle of the steps

 photo DSC_1079_zpsfe5e88bb.jpg
and finally we reached the top to see this giant Buddha

 photo DSC_1094_zpsdda499e6.jpg
The Contented face

 photo DSC_1127_zps1afafa6a.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo DSC_1077_zpsa0bd7a32.jpg
The view from the top

and of course after climbing all those steps, we did a lot of crazy shots as per usual :)

 photo DSC_1099_zpsd0a95e2a.jpg
Here comes the snake!

 photo DSC_1105_zpsf6bdb07d.jpg
Eileen's Jumpshot

 photo DSC_1107_zps4ddc7e08.jpg

 photo DSC_1118_zpse272dc72.jpg
A bridge!

Well thats all for my Krabi Trip, it has been a blast and definitely would love to go there again soon!

I'll be updating on new things soon! stay tuned! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A well needed vacation to Krabi

Middle of last month, I was able to head over to Krabi for a short vacation! best part? I only paid RM120 for my flight as Airasia had some promotions with it. Headed over there with Eileen, and we booked a hotel at Aonang Beach called Haleeva Sunshine Resort through Agoda which was located about 10 minutes walk from the main beach. Prices were pretty alright about RM100+ per night and the room was nice

As for our first destination, We chose to go to Hong Islands instead of Phi Phi islands as it seemed pretty crowded over there where everyone heads to Phi Phi islands. We went on a tour with one of those old traditional boats but it definitely was a fun ride as you get loud noises and a whole bunch of people making loads of noise during the ride

The tour took us to 4 different islands, where we were able to snorkel, swim and bask under the sun at the beach :) Have a look at some of the photos:

 photo DSC_0825_zps27eeea9e.jpg
eileen and I

 photo DSC_0864_zpsc30e312f.jpg
Them old speed boats

 photo DSC_0828_zps7a8c74d8.jpg
The first island we snorkelled at. We brought bread along so we could feed plenty of fish which came about

 photo DSC_0859_zps94a0c23e.jpg
Eileen & I at the 2nd Island

 photo DSC_0849_zps2c75e25e.jpg
Act Macho =D

 photo DSC_0839_zps56053aa4.jpg
Eileen in her bikini! Yums!

 photo DSC_0835_zpsededf17e.jpg
The view of the beach

As for the 3rd Island, its pretty secluded where there weren't much people there. It was great as we could just lie down under the sun getting more tanned (yeah I'm mad cos I'm so black already) and also there were plenty of swings to play with!

 photo DSC_0914_zps70e24c35.jpg
the 3rd Island

 photo DSC_0899_zpseefbcb65.jpg
Swing baby swing!

As for the 4th Island, it was a small lagoon actually, where tourist could go there and swim and have activities such as kayaking and more. as for me, I didn't sign up for the kayaking so its pretty much just enjoying the view of people playing in the water

 photo DSC_0946_zps9f59318c.jpg
The entrance to the lagoon

 photo DSC_0927_zps6d07e94b.jpg
Just another boat in the lagoon

Thats all for my Hong Islands trip, I'll be updating soon on more place I went to at Krabi! Stay Tuned! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mastro Club Launch

 photo DSC_1433_zps75f69269.jpg

Finally back to the clubbing scene! its been quite a while since I posted up anything about clubs/parties. Mastro Club was officially launched about 2-3 weeks back at Jalan Kia Peng. It took over the 2nd floor of what used to be Butter Factory, is a pretty small club but still has great music and performances

For the launch, a bunch of bloggers and myself were invited over by Donovan to enjoy drinks and entertainment that night. An array of drinks were served from Moet, Gold Label and Belvedere to quench our thirst and get the night going. It was a well awaited night for me as it has been so long since I actually had a drink! Went there pretty late dragging around my huge ass camera to get some good shots of the place and atmosphere

Just some pics from the club:

 photo DSC_1429_zpsd4e4b505.jpg

 photo DSC_1451_zps3010fb29.jpg

 photo DSC_1441_zps77b3bdb1.jpg
Joanna and I

 photo DSC_1466_zps179fc8e1.jpg
Emerald, Yunsin & Belinda

 photo DSC_1438_zpsdbba2f9f.jpg
Jenn, Joanna & Michelle

 photo DSC_1479_zpsbda05684.jpg
Yunsin & I

 photo DSC_1460_zps6645939f.jpg
The lovely ladies

 photo DSC_1461_zpsc8bad7d2.jpg
Moet! can't get enough of it!

 photo DSC_1500_zps7d1f0773.jpg
Ryan, Yeeing, Myself & Yunsin

 photo DSC_1482_zpse6d4d028.jpg
The lovely couple, Ryan & Yeeing

There were some LED light performances too!

 photo DSC_1507_zps4884463d.jpg

 photo DSC_1520_zpsf92ea538.jpg

All in all, its a nice club to be at, and of course with the right company, definitely it'll be the best place to be! Now, where should i go next?