2014! a new year of challenges!

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First up. Happy New Year!...Dang I'm 24 years old now..

Well it has been said that this year will be a "Suffering" year due to price hikes in nearly everything we have in Malaysia. As usual, our awesome political party which always talk about fairness and equality with their 1Malaysia Program, ends up the next day as APA LAGI CINA MAHU? 

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check out www.apalagicinamahu.tumblr.com for some fun

They also said that there will not be any hikes in prices after they won, went back against their word by implementing crazy hikes on petrol, toll and electricity.

But well I guess we can only wait for the next GE which hopefully will become the game changer, and as for now, to try live life to its fullest without these issues getting in our way. 

So all in all, I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! and life is what you make out of it!