Monday, January 20, 2014

Street Lamb & Chicken Chop's at Jom Makan Station

 photo 20140107_204402_zpsc5fd42d1.jpg

Its been quite some time since I've talked about food, but here it is! There's a new food truck located in front of Shell, SS 17/2 Subang Jaya called Jom Makan Station which specializes on street western food. A team of 2 chefs prepare food right inside the truck itself and you have the choice either to dine by the road side, or simply take away. It opens at night until about 12am and if I'm not mistaken, its closed on Sunday

What's good there? Their speciality are their lamb chops & chicken chops at decent prices. My experience there was pretty good, as the wait time was about 10 minutes for the food to be prepared, and of course, if you can't wait, you can always eat the nasi lemak or the fried mee hoon that is already prepared there

 photo 20140107_204424_zps759c57f1.jpg
Jom Makan Station

 photo 20140107_204633_zpscbd911ec.jpg
2 Chef's at work

 photo 20140107_204416_zps560dfe21.jpg
The Simple Menu

 photo 20140107_204505_zps0b063d3e.jpg
Fried Mee Hoon (RM2.50, Haven't tried this yet so I don't know how it tastes like)

 photo 20140107_204502_zps752ec7b0.jpg
Nasi Lemak (RM1.50)

 photo 20140109_215621_zps1afd03b8.jpg
Its pretty decent Nasi Lemak (RM1.50) with a small piece of egg. 
The Sambal isn't that spicy, so those who are scared of spicy things should be okay eating this

 photo 20140107_204429_zps5fc541b3.jpg
Yeaps it states it right on the truck itself. Its REAL LAMB CHOP!

 photo 20140109_215553_zps03ccb0b3.jpg
The Lamb Chop (RM10) is prepared well, a lil tough at certain areas, but overall good. 
Fries is good & Salad could use some more salt as its only served with Mayo

 photo 20140107_205716_zps7b6b8f26.jpg
Chicken Chop (RM8). So far its my favourite dish there. Full with taste and it definitely hits the spot. 
Same remarks on the fries & salad.

So if you're in the area and crave for affordable street food, head over to Jom Makan Corner and try em out!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Flying the skies & sinking deep below the ocean at Boracay

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Finally I'm able to post up on my continuation for my Boracay trip. If you haven't checked out my previous post, you can check it out here:

So after having everything sponsored by Cebu Pacific Air, Agoda and Visa as I became Cebu Pacific Airline's first Blogger Ambassador, I was able to spend my time around Boracay doing pretty much everything I wanted!

One of the things I wanted to try was Helmet diving, as since I do not possess a diving license, that was the closest thing that I could do to walk the waters of the sea. We managed to find a guide named Eron at White beach and paid 4,000 Pesos ($100 USD) for the package which included island hopping, snorkelling, and the helmet diving activity which I thought was a fare price for the both of us.

We headed out by one of those traditional boats to the helmet diving station. It was a little slow compared to going with speedboats but well, its somewhat special as who can say you're able to sit on one of these traditional boats out? 

I'll start up with some of the pictures of the trip

 photo IMG_1855_zps3ce88ad8.jpg
Eileen and I

 photo IMG_1862_zpsca346c05.jpg
Our guide, Eron & the boatman

So we reached the Diving Station, and we were briefed on how to helmet dive. Believe it or not, the helmet itself weighed 25kg! We went down with the ladder attached to the station, and then the weight of the helmet lesson with the buoyancy force pushing it up. (yeah i'm going all scientific here LOL)

Best part, there was a scuba diver to accompany us and take some shots of us! Have a look:

 photo P1010058_zpsd7e8f91b.jpg
Eileen & I at the Diving station

 photo P1010085_zps522572b5.jpg
Check out my helmet!

 photo P1010093_zpsbc45461d.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo IMG_1866_zps81a94bbf.jpg
Fishes swimming around

 photo P1010101_zps06d4109a.jpg
I can touch youuuuuuu

So after that we had island hopping and snorkelling, but well the waves were pretty rough that day, so we didn't enjoy much of it as it was a little scary, bad luck! would have been better if it were calmer but what can we do about mother nature? 

Eron introduced us to a parasailing package, and we took it since we had ample time that day. We paid another 3,000 pesos ($75 USD) for it, abit pricey this time but oh well, we just wanted to try it out. The parasailing company is named "Superman", which is pretty suitable since we were just going to be sailing the skies

We took a speed boat out this time, strapped the Parasail on both of us and we flew away with the wind! too bad I didn't have a camera up there to capture the view.

 photo IMG_1930_zps3c1446fc.jpg
On the speedboat

 photo IMG_1885_zpsf06d3b36.jpg
gonna start flying away!

 photo IMG_1888_zps954931db.jpg
and up we go!

 photo IMG_1897_zpse5ebec81.jpg

 photo IMG_1926_zps7644b979.jpg
and the dip after we were coming in

Also another place we headed to was to Puka Shell Beach. famous for its shells and souvenirs, it was a great place to relax as it was not as busy as white beach, and the souvenirs were VERY CHEAP! definitely a place you should go to if you wanna get souvenirs! (yeah its much cheaper compared to station 2 and white beach)

 photo IMG_1936_zps14859d67.jpg
Puka Beach!

 photo IMG_1941_zps4bebcc9a.jpg
One of the artworks there

Thats the end of this post! It was definitely a superb trip there and I wanna thank Michelle from Cebu Pacific Airlines & Carolyn from Visa for helping me out for everything! 

I still have one more trip! Any suggestions where I should go? :)

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Boracay Getaway! Awesome beaches and a great atmosphere which can't be missed!

Hi everyone. This post is a little late as I've been rather busy the past few weeks and I didn't have much time to edit photos or even craft this post. But anyway, to those who dont know, I managed to visit Boracay mid December! 

I was announced the winner of the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger Challenge which made me a Cebu Pacific Airlines first Blogger Ambassador and I won 4 fully paid trips to Philippines with flights sponsored by Cebu Pacific Airways, Accommodation by Agoda and shopping money by Visa! 

This is my 3rd trip to the Philippines, so I decided to go to Boracay, as everyone has been saying its a must go for their crystal clear beaches and white sand! 

This time, I travelled with Eileen and we took an early flight to Manila, and took another connecting flight to Boracay. Agoda was gracious enough to book for us a nice room at Alta Vista, Boracay. We even had airport transfers & boat fees covered. Totally loving it!

 photo logo-slogan-hires-2master_zps77330f90.png

If you have no idea what Agoda is about, Agoda Company Pte Ltd ( is a leading Asia-based, online hotel reservations company, which specializes in securing the lowest discount hotel prices. is part of (Nasdaq:PCLN).'s network includes more than 360,000 hotels worldwide. The multinational staff of more than 1,400 professionals, located throughout the world, provides a first-rate reservation service that uniquely combines local knowledge and local connections to provide the best hotel deals to both business and leisure travellers.

We reached our hotel and it was beautiful even though it was slightly affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Alta Vista is a resort away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist beach, and its located only 5 minutes from Puka beach. It has 500 rooms, so well you can say its a very big resort. We had a swift check in with really nice concierge service which brought us to our room.

check out our room:

 photo DSC_0214_zpsdb0eb3b2.jpg
It really feels like a honeymoon site!

 photo DSC_0219_zps2d40ca09.jpg
Lovely swans all over

 photo DSC_0221_zpsc47ff36f.jpg
the Balcony

 photo DSC_0226_zps0da4bd33.jpg
The bathroom

 photo DSC_0224_zpsbff824c4.jpg
The kitchenette

For Him & Her stuff! So cute!

 photo DSC_0228_zpsbf88ff5c.jpg

 photo DSC_0216_zps850afcc3.jpg

After chilling in our room, we decided to go to white beach at station 2 which is the tourist spot for everyone! you can literally find anything there from souvenir shops, restaurants, mini marts and of course, a crystal clear beach! Alta Vista provided shuttles every hour so it was pretty convenient to head over there at any time.

To those who wants to buy seashell souvenirs and stuff, head over to Puka beach as its way cheaper. I'll be updating that in my next post

 photo DSC_0231_zpse6d480f2.jpg
D'Mall at Station 2

 photo DSC_0235_zps0c9eb2ce.jpg
Eileen & I

 photo DSC_0232_zpsa9337940.jpg
She's trying to get some hats

 photo DSC_0245_zps604c6513.jpg
I love Boracay sign

 photo DSC_0248_zps7b78d74e.jpg
After effects if the typhoon

 photo DSC_0242_zps149c8de1.jpg

 photo DSC_0238_zps3c78d10f.jpg
A place called the hobbit house

 photo IMG_1849_zps3fb1c583.jpg
The beach!

 photo IMG_1853_zps77cf5860.jpg

 photo IMG_1851_zps4a066a31.jpg

And of course, the sunset there is beautiful! Check out some of the pictures we took!

 photo DSC_0291_zps56159efc.jpg

 photo DSC_0304_zpsf32061b3.jpg
You can rent a sale boat out if you want to get hold of the sunset. a person quoted me 1,500 pesos for 2 of us but I wasn't too sure of the rates so we didn't do it

 photo DSC_0302_zpsa1c36be7.jpg
The shirt "Bangon PH" means Rise Philippines in direct translation. these shirts are for charity to help those who were affected by the Typhoon

 photo DSC_0300_zps5ed23905.jpg
Eileen striking with hers

 photo DSC_0309_zpsf8a9737c.jpg

 photo DSC_0307_zps1d15180d.jpg
Eileen & I

And when night came, it was the life of the party as there was nothing more happening than the beach itself. lights illuminated the streets and the stars illuminated the sky! This is ever so close to paradise!

 photo DSC_0285_zpsb7504e07.jpg
The lighted up beach

 photo DSC_0319_zpsea2d96d3.jpg
The stars at night

 photo DSC_0315_zps4e8e08a0.jpg
Street performers

Thats all for this post. I'll be updating soon on the other activities I did at Boracay! I want to personally thank Michelle from Cebu Pacific for arranging all these for me and of course to the wonderful sponsors, Cebu Pacific Air, Agoda & Visa for this trip!

Stay tuned for the next post!

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