It all ends at Thirst 2013!

 photo 01ThirstGreenMoment_zpsba86f4ad.jpg

Party Goers were united once again at Thirst 2013! Now with the acts such as producer David Guetta. Afrojack, W&W, Madeon, Nervo, Example, R3hab, Goldfish & Blink, XU, Bunga and BATE spread across two massive stages: the Green Stage and the Star Arena, the party was pumped up to another level! What was crazy about it, there was about 20,000 people who attended this massive event!

Other than that, the exclusive Heineken Club Bottle was launched for VIP and Heinesuite guests at Thirst! Designed by Matt W. Moore, The aluminium bottle features a variation of Moore’s signature vector-funk graphics and is inspired by the innovative origami design ethos Heineken showcased during Milan Design Week, which is reflected throughout the Heineken Thirst festival site.

 photo 02CLUBBottle_zps8b0f293e.jpg

The New Heineken Club Bottle

 photo 07GreenStage_zps5924d716.jpg

The amazing crowd!

 photo 03DavidGuetta_zps1a5a1f5b.jpg
David Guetta

 photo 06WampW-StarArena_zpsc92e0bc4.jpg


 photo 10R3habampSpecialApperancebyNervo_zpsfd327f34.jpg

Rehab & Nervo

 photo 09PartyPeople_zpsd3086e69.jpg

Party people!

It was an awesome night and definitely I can't wait for next year's Thirst! Its been improving every year and its definitely going to be a blast next year!