Have you tried Double Refreshment?

Lets start up with a sunny day at work, you're tired and everything and you need something to drink, you go for a nice chilled beer or probably a lemonade to quench that thirst and feel refreshed after that. But how about this, Do you know of such thing called Double Refreshment?

*Now I'm gonna start sounding like a hardcore sales person* INTRODUCING THE NEW TIGER RADLER WHICH HAS DOUBLE REFRESHMENT! *lolwtf. 

 photo 2013-11-23172518_zpsfb721712.jpg

Okay back to the normal tone, Tiger has created a new variant called Tiger Radler which combines the crisp and easy drinking taste of Tiger Beer with lemon juice. So that is why its called Double Refreshment as we combine 2 of the best refreshing elements!

Luckily, I was able to get myself some from a courier and I was able to experience it first hand. It came in a pretty parcel with stickers all over with 5 bottles of the new Tiger Radler inside. 

 photo 2013-11-23172416_zpsf7e34ea5.jpg

 photo 2013-11-23172443_zps56eb2f05.jpg

 photo 2013-11-23172453_zps9b670d1a.jpg

Here are my personal opinion on it:

- it has the classic look of a normal Tiger Bottle

- It has the smoothness of Shandy with a good percentage of alcohol
- Sweet, easy going and I could easily down all 5 bottles without knowing it
- Perfect for an afternoon drink without getting your boss cranky on your high levels of alcohol.s
- I think its going to give that famous Apple Cider brand a run for its money
- It'll be perfect for girls as it is not so strong like the normal Tiger Beer

- ?? I have no idea on how much it'll cost yet

This new brew will be launched in Malaysia on Dec 6 at KL Live so if you want to get invites to the launch party, head over to the Tiger Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY and get your invites there!

I'll see you there!

*All photos taken using Samsung Galaxy S4 HDR Camera Mode