A Nokia Lumia 1020 for Christmas?

Hey all, Christmas has just passed, and what better way to celebrate Christmas with awesome gifts? I was invited to Techduolive which is a online youtube show done by Smashp0p & Ben on the latest IT Gadgets, technologies and happenings! I attended last year and I know there are plenty of cool stuff to be won over there, So i didn't hesitate this year on attending the event!

 photo 1504237_589454824457995_1366454382_o_zps7ca41815.jpg

It was held at Coffee Bean SS15 with about 80 attendees! Plenty of people going round eating, drinking awesome coffee and of course viewing the live show by Smashp0p and Ben. Better yet, Kuah Jen Han was there to host the show too!

There were many prizes given away that day such as the Jabra Speakers, Sony Headphones, Casetagram handphone covers, and more! But everyone was eyeing the grand prize which was the all new Nokia Lumia 1020! It was an instagram contest where we would have to upload our most creative photo at the event with the hashtags #techduolive and #Iwantlumia1020

 photo 20131221_162939_zps2104c044.jpg photo 20131221_162958_zps06054fba.jpg 

Yeeing & I

I cracked my brain right away and managed to think of these 3 shots with these following captions:
 photo 1533837_10153637762975054_875179346_n_zpse9deb608.jpg
Ice blended or hot? #techduolive #iwantlumia1020 #coffeebean

 photo 1513321_10153637776800054_1267782902_n_zps3a59a3ec.jpg
Mammm...sirrr...how would you like your#techduolive cupcakes? #iwantlumia1020 #coffeebean

and last but not least:

 photo 1521319_10153637785870054_1571691928_n_zps3b5cf4e8.jpg
Would you "coffee" me?  *she said yes!#engagement #cbtl #techduolive #iwantlumia1020

So it all came to the end of the event, where they were drawing the winner. Then suddenly, it came up to be a lucky draw on how the contest winner will be decided, My heart sank a little as I thought my efforts were all gone and its all based on pure luck now. 

Jen Han used his magic finger to scroll up and down the tablet with all the entries and choose the picture randomly, And suddenly my photo was chosen! Woohoo! My "would you coffee me" photo was picked and I emerged the winner of the Nokia Lumia 1020!

So to claim my prize, I had to recreate the shot with Yeeing & Jen Han. Have your laughs but I HAVE A NEW NOKIA LUMIA!

 photo 1488202_589454481124696_1114872378_n_zps4db2ea7c.jpg

 photo 1525006_589454587791352_578121041_n_zpsbc932b79.jpg

It was an awesome experience and definitely the best as I got a new Nokia Lumia 1020 for Christmas! I wanna thank Smashp0p and Ben for organizing Techduolive, Simon for inviting me and I cant wait for next years!