Sunday, December 29, 2013

It all ends at Thirst 2013!

 photo 01ThirstGreenMoment_zpsba86f4ad.jpg

Party Goers were united once again at Thirst 2013! Now with the acts such as producer David Guetta. Afrojack, W&W, Madeon, Nervo, Example, R3hab, Goldfish & Blink, XU, Bunga and BATE spread across two massive stages: the Green Stage and the Star Arena, the party was pumped up to another level! What was crazy about it, there was about 20,000 people who attended this massive event!

Other than that, the exclusive Heineken Club Bottle was launched for VIP and Heinesuite guests at Thirst! Designed by Matt W. Moore, The aluminium bottle features a variation of Moore’s signature vector-funk graphics and is inspired by the innovative origami design ethos Heineken showcased during Milan Design Week, which is reflected throughout the Heineken Thirst festival site.

 photo 02CLUBBottle_zps8b0f293e.jpg

The New Heineken Club Bottle

 photo 07GreenStage_zps5924d716.jpg

The amazing crowd!

 photo 03DavidGuetta_zps1a5a1f5b.jpg
David Guetta

 photo 06WampW-StarArena_zpsc92e0bc4.jpg


 photo 10R3habampSpecialApperancebyNervo_zpsfd327f34.jpg

Rehab & Nervo

 photo 09PartyPeople_zpsd3086e69.jpg

Party people!

It was an awesome night and definitely I can't wait for next year's Thirst! Its been improving every year and its definitely going to be a blast next year!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Amazing Murals at Artsphere 20/8ty!

Art seekers, you wouldn't need to go all the way to Penang to see Murals anymore! as it is all at Artsphere20/8ty @ The Atmosphere, Seri Kembangan. I headed over there with Eileen and all I can say, it is A-mahhh-ziingggg! All the murals are painted all over shoplots, floors and any place you can put your eyes on!

The thematic concept `Artsphere 20/8ty’ pays tribute to the 20 talented artists, whose 80 pieces of mural artwork adorn the vicinity, making `The Atmosphere’ the single location with the highest collection of mural art in Malaysia

The launch started off with a Press Conference where we got to know more about what it is all about

 photo 1461802_368283466649551_1124859935_n_zpsd2e5fafb.jpg
Mr Tan Meng Seng (Executive Director of Tempo Holdings), Ms Haze Long (Founder of Art Misfits), Tan Sri Datuk Amar (Dr) Haji Abdul Aziz Bin Dato Haji Husain (Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director of the Eksons Corporation Berhad), Mr Khoo Boo Hian (CEO of Tempo Properties)

Soon after the launch, everyone was busy running about the area to find Murals all over! Also, there is also a Contest running, where there is a total of RM15,000 in prizes to be won ranging from Smartphones, Tablets and Cameras.

How do you join? 
1) Head over to Artsphere and snap a photo of yourself with the Mural in your own creative manner. 
2) Upload it to Artsphere 20/8ty-Official Facebook Photo Contest at
3) There are 2 categories which is the "most liked" photo and the "most creative" photo
4) Just wait for the announcement of results!

Here are my 2 entries:

 photo 3_zps708c02e2.jpg photo 2_zpsa3613669.jpg

I'm just going to show you a glimpse of what murals to be be seen over there:

Robot Themed Murals
 photo DSC_0346_zps689e1ce0.jpg

 photo DSC_0357_zps29f0b048.jpg

 photo DSC_0344_zps18c5fa0c.jpg

Alice in Wonderland Themed Murals

 photo DSC_0361_zpsa8f5c8cf.jpg

 photo DSC_0358_zps699153be.jpg

 photo DSC_0352_zpsd4f17f10.jpg

 photo DSC_0338_zpsbab2d784.jpg

 photo DSC_0341_zps4542e3db.jpg

Other random murals

 photo DSC_0348_zpse59ee33b.jpg

 photo 1_zps51d0f576.jpg

 photo DSC_0336_zps71df6b01.jpg

 photo DSC_0350_zps9c6f4bd8.jpg

 photo DSC_0355_zps081b3909.jpg

 photo DSC_0365_zps871d3b50.jpg

Best part? there are QR codes situated all over the place for you to know more about the Murals you're looking at
 photo DSC_0360_zps73f83643.jpg

So what are you waiting for?? head over to Artsphere 20/8ty @ The Atmosphere and check out the Amazing Murals there! Also join the contest as its easy and you may even walk away with awesome prizes!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Nokia Lumia 1020 for Christmas?

Hey all, Christmas has just passed, and what better way to celebrate Christmas with awesome gifts? I was invited to Techduolive which is a online youtube show done by Smashp0p & Ben on the latest IT Gadgets, technologies and happenings! I attended last year and I know there are plenty of cool stuff to be won over there, So i didn't hesitate this year on attending the event!

 photo 1504237_589454824457995_1366454382_o_zps7ca41815.jpg

It was held at Coffee Bean SS15 with about 80 attendees! Plenty of people going round eating, drinking awesome coffee and of course viewing the live show by Smashp0p and Ben. Better yet, Kuah Jen Han was there to host the show too!

There were many prizes given away that day such as the Jabra Speakers, Sony Headphones, Casetagram handphone covers, and more! But everyone was eyeing the grand prize which was the all new Nokia Lumia 1020! It was an instagram contest where we would have to upload our most creative photo at the event with the hashtags #techduolive and #Iwantlumia1020

 photo 20131221_162939_zps2104c044.jpg photo 20131221_162958_zps06054fba.jpg 

Yeeing & I

I cracked my brain right away and managed to think of these 3 shots with these following captions:
 photo 1533837_10153637762975054_875179346_n_zpse9deb608.jpg
Ice blended or hot? #techduolive #iwantlumia1020 #coffeebean

 photo 1513321_10153637776800054_1267782902_n_zps3a59a3ec.jpg would you like your#techduolive cupcakes? #iwantlumia1020 #coffeebean

and last but not least:

 photo 1521319_10153637785870054_1571691928_n_zps3b5cf4e8.jpg
Would you "coffee" me?  *she said yes!#engagement #cbtl #techduolive #iwantlumia1020

So it all came to the end of the event, where they were drawing the winner. Then suddenly, it came up to be a lucky draw on how the contest winner will be decided, My heart sank a little as I thought my efforts were all gone and its all based on pure luck now. 

Jen Han used his magic finger to scroll up and down the tablet with all the entries and choose the picture randomly, And suddenly my photo was chosen! Woohoo! My "would you coffee me" photo was picked and I emerged the winner of the Nokia Lumia 1020!

So to claim my prize, I had to recreate the shot with Yeeing & Jen Han. Have your laughs but I HAVE A NEW NOKIA LUMIA!

 photo 1488202_589454481124696_1114872378_n_zps4db2ea7c.jpg

 photo 1525006_589454587791352_578121041_n_zpsbc932b79.jpg

It was an awesome experience and definitely the best as I got a new Nokia Lumia 1020 for Christmas! I wanna thank Smashp0p and Ben for organizing Techduolive, Simon for inviting me and I cant wait for next years! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Artsy Affair at Artsphere!

 photo ArtsphereInvitation_zpsee5017b7.jpg

Interested in looking at awesome murals? Instead of heading over to Georgetown to see street art murals, why not head over to The Atmosphere on 22nd Dec 2013 to see 80 amazing murals! It'll start at 10am so you have no excuse not to go!

How to get there? you can check out the map below:
 photo AtmosphereMap_zps07cf7b55.jpg

Want to know what is in store for you? Check out the video below:

Other than that, you can also participate in the ongoing contest that will be held there itself. There is a total of RM 15,000 worth of prizes to be won there ranging from Tablets, Phones and Cameras.

The theme is "Strike a Pose Photo Contest" where there'll be 2 categories which is the "Most Liked" photo and the "Most Creative" Photo and the contest will be held until 16 Feb 2014.

 photo unnamed_zps6060e3eb.jpg

Sooo, this is not to be missed as it'll be a fun place and its definitely worth your time! Best part? Admission is free! so you wouldn't need to pay a cent! Head over to the artsphere website for more details:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sneak Peek of my Boracay trip!

My updates are gonna be quite slow this time around as I've gotten really busy with projects since I came back from my holiday. but as for now, here is a sneak peak of my trip!

The photos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4's Panaroma Mode

 photo 20131208_112314_zps0509833f.jpg
The view at White Beach

 photo 20131208_100916_zps9285a5df.jpg
The view at my hotel

Stay tuned for more! 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Have you ever tried the delicious Jonas Shakes?

Hi all! I'm finally back from the Philippines! its been quite some time since my last entry as I was busy either on work, or vacations. But well now I've got loads to share!

So I recently went to Boracay, Philippines for another amazing trip! This is my 3rd trip to the Philippines since Cebu and Manila. Why you ask? its because I managed to win the Cebu Pacific Airlines Juan Blogger contest which allowed me to become Cebu Pacific Airlines 1st Blogger Ambassador which gives me free trips to the Philippinesi!

So first stop, to get money from the ATM teller! Visa has sponsored me a total of 2000 USD to spend at my trips in Philippines, and it is all preloaded in some prepaid cards! Boracay is quite a small island so ATM's are not easily found. There are probably only about 10 ATM's in the island so I  thought its better to get some cash before it all runs  out from the tellers!

 photo DSC_0274_zps9f1d5eab.jpg
Check out ze cards!

 photo DSC_0276_zpsa3fdb0cd.jpg
Redrawing some cash

 photo DSC_0281_zps9172c4c6.jpg
Peso's galore!

As for every trip, I'll be given a Visa Challenge to complete, and in each challenge, I'll need to find a certain kinda food based on the clues that were given to me. 

So the clue for this challenge was:
Locals, frequent tourists and online travel reviewers will tell you that this refreshments store in Station 1 offers the must-try shakes in Boracay! Even local celebrities are regularly spotted in this Fruit Shake and Snack Bar. Once you locate this colourful store, you have to order a shake flavored with our national fruit – a sweet, yellow tropical fruit. You can have it blended with either banana or milk, whichever you prefer 

I was a genius to think that I'll be able to find it right on the spot since its a famous place, but actually it was quite tough to find it. The internet in the hotel was slow due to the Typhoon Yolanda which recently hit Philippines, so I headed out on foot to find it. The most famous tourist area in Boracay is D'mall, located at Station 2. After asking a few locals and shopowners, I finally found out that I could be able to find what I'm looking for at Jonas Shakes.

Me and Eileen took a 10 minute walk from Station 2 to Station 1 and finally found what we're looking for. Jonas Shakes! The colours of the restaurant matched the description of the clue as it was so colourful! We sat down in the shop and finally got to order the Delicious Mango shake which everyone talks about!

 photo DSC_0252_zps0fd28100.jpg
Jonas Shakes!

 photo DSC_0249_zpsfe4d8da3.jpg
The exterior of the restaurant

 photo DSC_0270_zps445d481e.jpg
The Interior of the restaurant. see how colourful it is?

 photo DSC_0255_zps880f5de6.jpg
The types of shakes you can order

 photo DSC_0266_zpsd0d0e67f.jpg
It comes in plastic bottles with a straw poking out

 photo DSC_0260_zpse301a685.jpg
My mango shake!

 photo DSC_0261_zpsbb030d80.jpg

 photo DSC_0258_zpsd85cdd40.jpg
Eileen with her Chocolate Banana Shake

 photo DSC_0268_zpsbfc75610.jpg
Paying the shopowner with the money i got from VISA

Its really special and nice as it is blended there and then and it has a really rich flavour to it! Definitely to die for! You better try it if you're ever at Boracay!

Thx Visa for the chance to get me to drink this awesome drink! I'll be blogging soon about my recent adventures at Boracay! Stay tuned!

*all photos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4 HDR Mode

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