Of Limited Edition PUMA Suede's and G-Shocks

Unlike normal people who like to buy clothes, gadgets and other accessories to keep them happy, I'm a little different as I find joy in having weird items and of course the things that are harder to get. Especially if it is limited edition and it attracts me, it definitely is a must have!

So one of the recent items I've got is the Limited Edition PUMA Sapphire Suedes in conjunction with the Puma Suede 45th anniversary. There are only 450 pairs in the world, and only 9 reached Malaysian shores. I was glad to get it into my collection, and as normal people had to pay RM879 for a pair, I managed to get it 20% cheaper since i work closely with Puma. Yay! 

Have a look:

 photo 2013-11-08195706_zpsd1f0dd77.jpg

 photo 2013-11-08195723_zps22c61491.jpg

As for my 2nd item I recently got is the Limited Edition New Era x G-SHOCK GA-110NE-9A which was made in conjunction wit G-Shock's 30th Anniversary. Black and Gold in colour, it strikes out as a watch that can't be missed! It isn't available in Malaysia so I had to order it over from Singapore.

Some of you may know that I love collecting time pieces, and this is probably the 13th watch in my collection :)

This Limited Edition New Era x G-SHOCK GA-110NE-9A even comes with a flat brimmed cap which cases the watch

Have a look:

 photo DSC_0182_zps9e8fa9c1.jpg

 photo DSC_0183_zpsc1862250.jpg

 photo DSC_0184_zpsea241111.jpg

 photo DSC_0188_zps38231297.jpg

These are the things that make me happy and I'm just sharing my joy with you all :) Can't wait for the next crazy thing I'll get myself! 

*Awesome quality photos huh? all taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4 HDR Mode