Going Big with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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There is a saying that big ain't always better, but as for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, big is definitely better! I was given a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by  Manoah & Samsung Malaysia to review and test it out. I was using an S4 previously and now I'm loving the Note 3 so bad

So what do you get with the Note 3? You'll get:

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- The Phone (Duhhhh)
- Charger & USB Cable
- Earphones
+ the Galaxy Gear if you would want to purchase it

What do I love about the Note 3?

1) The Design!

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Its sleek, big, and elegant! Now it comes with a leather-pvc back cover, which means i basically don't need to purchase a nice cover for it already. 

Side note* Imagine if you're taking a dump and your phone falls into the toilet, The Note 3 is quite big so it can get stuck on the rims and wouldn't be flushed down. HAHA *yes I'm that lame but I'll experiment on it if i have the time

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It is also easier for people with fat fingers like mine as it is easier to type 

2)The Camera!

Equipped with a 13mp back camera anda  2mp front camera, It produces great quality photos, and there are plenty of modes that can be played around with such as:

Beauty Face - Which is like a photoshop tool in the phone itself
Best picture - It chooses the best picture taken for you
Eraser - erases objects moving behind you
and many more!

One new mode inside the Samsung Note 3 is the Surround shot which takes a 360 degree picture to create a spherical panaroma

 photo 2013-10-31030907_zpse1b70f65.jpg
Surround shot mode

 photo 2013-10-31030942_zps094095f5.jpg
How it looks when taking a picture

3) Safety Assistance

 photo 2013-10-31030410_zpsc0c3b4d6.jpg

I know this has been around with the later version of the S4, but since I was with the octocore, I didn't have this feature. Basically by holding the 2 volume buttons, It'll declare an emergency, snap 2 photos with the cameras, get the gps locations and send it to your emergency contacts. This is a great new addition especially if one is in danger

4) USB 3 adapter. 

 photo 2013-10-31031038_zps2ac2beff.jpg

With the USB 3 adapter, now transfers are faster with it! No more slow mo USB 2 - micro usb adapters for this!

5) The Note & S Pen itself!

If you've bought the Note 3, you'll know how functional the Note & S pen is. With the Note feature, I can write, draw and express my creativity in all ways. It also features a new S Finder where it is easier for me to access my things

 photo 2013-10-31030519_zpse4315f2b.jpg
It helps alot especially when I'm taking notes during work

 photo 2013-10-31030328_zpsdb058b91.jpg
The S Finder

 photo 2013-10-31030633_zpse7146cf6.jpg
Exploring Creativity

 photo 2013-10-31030621_zpsc7d5b518.jpg
And yeah thats me LOL
*drawn by Eileen

Other than that, you can check out the SamsungGalaxyLifestyle.my and you can be rewarded with more!

I'm definitely loving the Note 3, and I can see any other phone to replace it in my life atm. Am still exploring more features of it and I'll be writing more soon! Till the next post

*all pictures are taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4