Getting the perfect pouring ritual at the Heineken GABPS Academy National Finals

First and foremost, Yes that is a very long title! I've recently been attending plenty of Heineken events, and of course the rewards have been great! I won a Leica at the Heineken Legendary Voyage Tour, I won a crate of beer at the Heineken Star Serve, and well I've been given a chance to win a trip to Amsterdam for the Heineken GABPS Academy National Finals

 photo 2013-10-21190041_zpsf42210d6.jpg

It all started off with a Heineken Facebook app, which I started to play at the Heineken Star Serve. The goal is to create the perfect Heineken pint which includes the Heineken 5 step ritual

- Rinse
- Pour
- Skim
- Check
- Serve.

The app was designed in order for the consumers to virtually try to pour a perfect Heineken pint and the top 10 were to be invited to the Heineken National Finals. I was lucky enough to be in the top 10, so I got invited to compete in the National finals (consumer division) where the winner would get an all expense paid trip to Amsterdam to witness the Global Finals

 photo Debra_zpsbd6c8655.jpg
Myself with Debra
*photo credit to Debra

I headed there early to Grand Hyatt, and eventhough I was sick to the bone with Viral Fever, I pulled myself together to compete (yes I'm that Kiasu, but who would ever give up the chance of going to Amsterdam?). The top 10 were taught how to perform the ritual as we were only practicing with the app in order to reach the finals. 

But well, of course It wasn't all about us. There were the real awesome Finalist which were real bartenders all over the country who were competing for the slot to represent Malaysia at the Global Finals. They had to perform a series of pours, and also flare around and impress the judges in order to get there

The event started off with dinner and it was a fine 3 course meal prepared by Grand Hyatt. Here are the pictures of the yummylicious food

*all Food Photos are taken using the Samsung S4's HDR Mode

 photo 2013-10-21190050_zps1a613a16.jpg
Table Setting

 photo 2013-10-21200720_zps78f38f1e.jpg
Smoke Duck Magret, Waldorf Salad

 photo 2013-10-21202523_zpsdfdac309.jpg
Baked Cod, Warm Eggplant, and Sultana Rasin Salad, Oregano Juice

 photo 2013-10-21204418_zpsfbe6bb4c.jpg
Lemon Mascarpone Tart, Raspberry Sorbert, Nouget Crumb & Chocolate Stick

As the competition started, guest were able to witness perfection at its best as these top 6 contenders have come a long way from when they started with 2500 participants. They showed off their skills and it soon came time to the consumer challenge!

I managed to pull off quite a good pint, but unfortunately, It wasn't good enough to win the prize of going to Amsterdam =( *boohoohoo

But well, there are always more chances in the future! 

Here are the photos of the winners

 photo 02TheGABPSAcademyTop3Winners_zpsbc12af88.jpg
The top 3 of the GABPS Academy National Finals

 photo 03TheGABPSAcademyTop3Winners_zpsfc3f28dc.jpg
The winners with their trophies and certs

 photo 05HeinekenConsumerPour-OffChallengeWinner01_zps1f93632e.jpg
The winner of the consumer challenge

Well it was a bummer I didn't win, but definitely there'll be more chances in the future! it was a great night seeing their skills and of course the food and company were great! I wanna thank Heineken again for having me there!