First Accident. Not gonna listen to slow music while driving anymore

Just got into my first accident boohoohoo =( I was travelling over to Jackie's house warming when I was pretty much tired after work and was a little sleepy. A mistake I made: listening to Phantom of the Opera Musical while driving. You know how slow those songs are and it would make anyone even Sleepier! Worse still, it was a bloody traffic jam happening all over KL

I was around Genting Klang Road, which is just like 5 minutes away from Jackie's place. And i started to doze off, just one yawn and PHHHTUMMPPP! I hit another car in front of me. 

Luckily I was only goin like 20km/h? since there was a traffic jam so the damage wasn't pretty bad. 

You can watch how it happened:

His car got hit quite bad, 
- bumper got dented in
- the boot couldn't close as the frame has went inwards

My car:
- Side of bumper has popped out
- Bonnet is dented and pretty much needs to be knocked out

 photo 20131109_034542_zps554fef59.jpg

Lesson of story:
Never listen to slow music while sleepy or driving in Jam. You Doze off!