Bleeding Gums Solution!

I'm one of those sad fella's that is prone to bleeding gums. It happens when I brush my teeth, floss, sometimes even chewing food also kena (slap forehead kao kao). I honestly do not have the best dental record and also have the fillings to prove it (yes i'm a sweet tooth last time LOL)

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So since I'm having all these, I've been given a chance to try out this new toothpaste called TruCare Nano Silver Toothpaste for a product review. It contains a special Nano Colloidal Silver formula which is known for its effective anti bacterial properties, and leaving your gums clean & healthy

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Nano Colloidal Silver

I took on the 2 week challenge of using it. 

Key notes:
- Packaging looks nice and presentable
- It is covered with a  foil underneath the cap to ensure "freshness" of the toothpaste
- The toothpaste didn't taste much different from any other toothpaste, and its a little minty. 
- It produces quite a lot of foam in the mouth while brushing your teeth.

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Toothpaste on my toothbrush YAYYYY *okay i'm that lame

After the 2 weeks, it was quite noticeable that I didn't get bleeding gums often. So I would say from my own opinion that it works :) I would normally get bleeding gums while i brush & floss daily, but so far it only happened once or twice the 2nd week. There was an improvement and I think in the future days to come, it would eliminate bleeding gums once and for all! 

Check out my TEEETHHHH:

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So if you're having the same problems as I do, give it a try! as it is working for me :)

Check them out here:

*photos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3