A 360 angle of your Butt with my company's 360 photobooth

First & foremost, Happy Diwali to all my Hindu friends celebrating it! I’m currently at Sabah handling a road show for Levi’s and some of you wonder what I actually do for a living? I work in a company called Cake Experiential Communications which deals with Brand Experiential Marketing. The key objective is to create branded experiences which impact the consumers whether its online/onground.

So as for Levi’s we have created a 360 degree photobooth in conjunction with the latest Levi’s Revel jeans. Levi’s Revel is made to uplift the curves of your legs and of course, your BUTTTTTTTTTT. This jeans is only available for girls so yeah, Go uplift your butts and become sexy as hell! Our 360 booth was made so that you can see how you look like in the Levi’s Revel jeans

All photos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Auto & HDR mode

 photo 2013-10-17053724_zps729f5bf1.jpg

As for this post, I’ll be talking on the previous road show at Spring Mall, Kuching, Sarawak. We headed over on an early morning flight (had to wake up at 4.30am BAHHH) but one thing was good, we were flying Malaysia Airlines! Of course with better comfort compared to some other airlines =P You know which ones I’m talking about. But sadly the pilot was terrible as the landing was crazy rough, probably wind turbulence?

 photo 2013-10-17063352_zps3b498000.jpg

 photo 2013-10-17064828_zps48d2abea.jpg
Andrew, Zoe, Kemmmy & I

As we reached Kuching, we headed to our residences at Citadines Kuching. With a great rate of RM209 per day, I got myself a nice studio apartment with quite a view.

 photo citadines_zps9f682db8.jpg

 photo 2013-10-21073836_zps75f8f5e7.jpg

Of course for the first day, since it was free  & easy, we had marvellous seafood at an awesome price. Think about it, Lobsters, Prawns, seafood platters for about 100+ it was good!

 photo 2013-10-17192552_zps2477127d.jpg

 photo 2013-10-17194039_zps4ec26c9a.jpg

 photo 2013-10-17192453_zps5ff2faba.jpg

The road show went on for 3 days and pretty much I was doing tech support for the photobooth. What’s special about our photobooth? We are using 30 Gopro camera’s and  the total diameter of the booth is only 10 feet. We also have immediate uploading to social media such as Facebook (which is probably the first in Malayisa for 360 camera uploading). So In terms of it, it is very small & uses little space, and brand awareness of the product can be uploaded on the spot.

Why should you try our 360 photobooth? If you’re a Levi’s fan, you’ll get an instant RM20 off your Levi’s Revel Jeans & you’ll get a nice 4GB Levi’s Revel Pendrive for free!

 photo 2013-10-19100719_zps01225ec5.jpg

 photo 2013-10-19105311_zpse9f08409.jpg

 photo 2013-10-19105901_zpsf17278a3.jpg

Here are some other parts of the roads how:

 photo 2013-10-20095408_zpsa0ae6ecb.jpg
A cute Levi’s usb speaker

 photo 2013-10-20104747_zpsfa70f47c.jpg
A VW Beetle all wrapped in Denim!

A fashion show was also held to showcase the new Levi’s Revel

 photo 2013-10-19161507_zpsf15020f5.jpg

 photo 2013-10-19161530_zps2bf0bcb5.jpg

 photo 2013-10-19162350_zps2ec1bcb5.jpg

Towards the end of the road show, that’s the time I got really sick. Got diagnosed with Viral fever and it wasn’t pretty. Started to get a fever, flu, cough and also rashes all over my body. Got admitted into Borneo Medical Hospital and they gave me some injection jabs and some meds for the sickness. After a good 5 days of fighting finally everything went back to normal

 photo 2013-10-20212703_zps90438cfb.jpg

 photo sick_zpsefe5081d.jpg

For those interested to come to the roadshow, It is still happening at Suria Sabah until the 3rd November 2013 and at City Square, Johor Baru from 13th-17th November. You can get more info here: http://revel.levi.com.my/roadshow-try-revel.php


Unknown said…
Hi nice job on Ur event . am trying to build a 360 photobooth for my event . Could you guide me on the steps to take or the. Company to contact
Samuel C said…
Hi Bunmi

pls contact my work email at samuel@cakexp.com