Meeting Emma Hewitt! Dream come true!

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To start things off, I'm a really big fan of vocal trance. I really love mixes done by Armin, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin and more. So when I heard that Emma Hewitt is coming down to KL, I got really excited as she is one of my favourite vocal trance singers hands down!

She has awesome tracks such as "Waiting", "Be your sound", "Miss you paradise", "Disarm yourself" and more. The lyrics meaningful, and the vocals awesome, makes a whole new experience when you're listening to it.

I was invited over to her concert at KL Live and I was given a chance to meet her up. With a few other friends, we were given about 20 minutes with her just getting to know more about her, snapping pictures and getting autographs! It was a dream come true to know I've finally met her!

She was super friendly during the session and definitely it is not a mistake calling her my idol *fan boy mode on*

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Say hello to Emma Hewitt!

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Getting to know Emma Hewitt

The concert started up with some other DJ's and Emma performed for 2 sessions that night! I was able to get to the front in the crew area to get some great shots of her during her performance! lets just head to the concert pictures!

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The Concert Area

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Eileen & I

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Henry & Benjamin

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Naomi & I

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Chee Keat & Friends

Check out the crazy crowd!

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And of course..Emma Hewitt on Stage!

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Check out the Sound & Shot mode done by my Samsung Galaxy S4:

You're basically able to take a photo, and record sounds of the environment at the same time.

And last but not least, some other pictures taken that night:

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Now I can check off meeting Emma Hewitt off my bucket list! Wanna thank Asahi & Milk PR for inviting me over! It was definitely a blast!