Given a Honda CRZ for a weekend, cruising down to Johor

With the rise in fuel (YEAH OMG ITS RM2.10 now for Ron 95), many have turned to hybrids as it saves much more fuel especially in the city area. Honda was gracious enough to lend me one of its hybrids for a weekend, to drive down to Johor for the Honda Hybrid Family Road Trip. And whats better? they knew that I love driving manual cars, so they gave me a Manual Honda CRZ! such joy! 

The journey started with me & Suresh heading down to Nilai to meet up with the rest. Since we had 2 CRZ's to drive, we zoomed down and we managed to reach Nilai in really good time :) The torque in the CRZ i was driving was amazing and the power...Oh Bliss! As we arrived at Nilai, we waited for about an hour for the rest to come *grumble grumble* but oh well, we just chilled out and took some pictures of the lovely cars!

If you want to get a chance to use a hybrid, head over to and you can rent a Honda Hybrid for 3 days 2 nights to test it all out for yourself!

 photo 2013-08-31121916_zps2ea7c9e2.jpg
The drive down

 photo SAM_2401_zps1c4fb210.jpg
The 2 sexy ladies

 photo 2013-08-30160541_zpsd866bdca.jpg
The interior

As the rest came, we cruised all the way down to Tebrau, Johor where the event was happening. Honda had a whole carnival set up for anyone to come in and enjoy its activities. Honda went to a great extent to educate the public about hybrid technology and how it saves your pocket & also the environment. 

We went into the main showcase area to see what its all about!

 photo SAM_2595_zps96794b6d.jpg
Myself, Ashley, Sydney, Cynthia, Jillian & Suresh

 photo SAM_2409_zps5f023faa.jpg
A concert will be held at night!

 photo SAM_2412_zps2ec4788f.jpg
Carnival activities set up

 photo SAM_2491_zpsa9ff4181.jpg
Honda Merchandise for sale

 photo SAM_2597_zps8809efdc.jpg
Our two CRZ's

 photo SAM_2601_zpsa3af6f70.jpg
Ashley with her Civic Hybrid

 photo SAM_2604_zps6577bcef.jpg
and then she bites her lips..SHOOO CUTTEEEE

As we entered the main tent, it started up with an educational tour of what Hybrid is all about. Discovering what Hybrids are all about and also how it started with Honda

 photo SAM_2459_zpsab8be317.jpg
The Discovery Area

 photo SAM_2420_zps40c2f456.jpg
 photo SAM_2420_zps40c2f456.jpg
Honda's Milestones

There was an activity with a 2 seater bicycle which allowed the guest to learn more about how the Hybrid works as it eases the fuel consumption with an electric motor.

 photo SAM_2419_zpse2d49c98.jpg

 photo 2_zps5f911845.jpg

Other than that, in the discovery area, there was a simple game which children could play with to control the car using just the pedals. The main objective of this game was to go the distance with the Honda Hybrid Simulators 
 photo SAM_2486_zps398484f2.jpg

 photo 3_zps2ed3fad2.jpg

After the discovery section, we headed off to the Inspire section. There was a movie theater which one of Jinnyboy's videos about the Honda Hybrid was playing. We were also able to create our own virtual Hybrid Car through an interactive touch screen game. Pretty cool!

 photo SAM_2455_zpsce896c7a.jpg

 photo SAM_2429_zpscc8c4b7a.jpg

 photo SAM_2432_zps8fa548c0.jpg

The last section of the main canopy was the Ignite Section. where we were able to see the cars for itself in all its glory. Guests were able to check out the cars, the specifications, its designs and get all the info they need from the Honda promoters there. I would say all 3 areas gave lots of information and also it was a fun experience!

 photo SAM_2456_zps2b17a033.jpg
 photo SAM_2458_zpse669c647.jpg

 photo SAM_2534_zpseffd1b42.jpg
The Emcees giving out Honda Merchandises

 photo SAM_2435_zps5c6917f2.jpg
Interactive iPads to tell us the specifications and makes of the cars

 photo 5_zps279807e4.jpg
Informational boards about the Honda Hybrid Family

 photo SAM_2443_zps76718ddf.jpg
The Honda Insight

 photo SAM_2438_zpsc0de705e.jpg
The Honda Jazz

 photo SAM_2444_zps1b0049f7.jpg
Just like our 2 CRZ's

 photo 1_zps86467dbe.jpg
The Hybrid Cars are fitted with Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) 

Heading outside, everyone was able to test drive the Honda Hybrids as there are plenty of demo cars out there to test drive! I would be pretty much happy to know, yeah there is a car waiting for me to be driven and I wouldn't need to wait long queues. More than that, anybody who test drives the Honda Hybrids will be able to get a free T shirt! woohoo

 photo SAM_2499_zps5b4ab98f.jpg
With the Honda Insights out there

Since we're all the way in Johor, there was one thing in mind which was to eat awesome food! Since Suresh & Cynthia were from Johor, they brought us around to eat some yummylicious food

Our first food destination was Restaurant 3327 with its famous claypot curry noodles & claypot chicken rice

 photo SAM_2501_zpsd59f969a.jpg

 photo SAM_2505_zps7ab107cb.jpg
Claypot Chicken Rice

 photo SAM_2515_zps83ff34ba.jpg
Claypot Curry Noodles

 photo SAM_2510_zps520a3dfb.jpg
Claypot Loh Shu Fan

We returned to the Honda Event area in the evening to catch a glimpse of the concert. The turnout was quite good as the local crowd came in to enjoy performances by some of the bands and artists performing that night. 

There was also free popcorn & cotton candy. Time to get fat and happy =D

 photo SAM_2520_zpsd8921470.jpg

some activities going on stage

 photo SAM_2528_zps6630410a.jpg

Fuyoh styloo

 photo SAM_2526_zpsf8464542.jpg
A group picture of us

 photo SAM_2530_zps305451ba.jpg

 photo SAM_2541_zps0e156852.jpg
Some of the artists performing

Continuing our food hunting, we decided to go for a steamboat Buffet. it only costed RM20! omg it so cheap I can die. we ate to our hearts content and took some awesome shots of the cars at night!

 photo SAM_2548_zps405ff22f.jpg

Our night shots:
 photo SAM_2560_zpsd11699ee.jpg
 photo SAM_2565_zps7870cdf1.jpg
 photo SAM_2579_zps988bcde3.jpg

I wanted to upload some of these photos at night, using the Mobilelink app on my Samsung Galaxy S4, I managed to transfer photos from my Camera to my phone! Of all things, camera photos still portray one of the best qualities there is in photography, and to do live updates with it is even more awesome as I can show really great photos!

 photo 7_zps190db423.jpg
Samsung's Mobilelink which allows me to transfer photos!

As morning came, we headed for our last food destination which was "The Toast". They serve good Mee Siam and of course all great Malaysian Favourites! The prices were really reasonable as well so we ate till our hearts content!

 photo SAM_2608_zps51f8cf30.jpg
The Toast

 photo SAM_2610_zpsf09dc9c6.jpg
Mee Siam with Otak-otak

 photo SAM_2614_zps9bd84b3b.jpg
French Toast

 photo SAM_2612_zps0c6573b7.jpg
Kaya Butter Toast with soft boiled eggs

 photo SAM_2621_zps3fda611a.jpg
Nasi Lemak with chicken

 photo SAM_2625_zpsc82cb7b0.jpg
Our crazy table

As for our last destination before we headed back, we headed over to some old Heritage buildings to get some last pictures of our cars

 photo SAM_2629_zps88670123.jpg

I wanna thank Donovan & Honda for allowing me to be part of this journey! I also want to thank Suresh & Cynthia for bringing us around the awesome places. It is so hard to go back to my old car once I've driven the CRZ, dang! 

Remember to head over to and you could rent a Honda Hybrid for 3 days!

Head over to Honda's Facebook for more details!

*Pictures were taken using the Samsung NX20