Flipping and crazy things in Langkawi!

 photo DSC_0780_zpsf1fbb59f.jpg

Another year has gone by and this is the 3rd year in a row that we're having our annual trip to Langkawi. The old gymnastic mates and I continued the tradition of getting wasted and crazy at our Duty Free heaven! It was crazy as we nearly missed our flight there due to some late  members, like seriously we boarded the flight and 3 minutes later we took off *phew* lucky for us!

5 of us this time, Sean, Sydney, Sukesh, May and I headed there, got our booze and checked into our hotel. We booked Langkapuri Hotel at Cenang beach as it is situated just right next to the beach. A sad part this time where Sydney's boyfriend came over to surprise her and well, took her away for the whole 3 days. So it was left with us 4. Well May can be considered as a dude too, so it was like a bro's night out!

 photo DSC_0479_zpsb4fbb624.jpg
Sydney & May

 photo DSC_0481_zpsaef818e5.jpg
May & Sukesh

 photo DSC_0476_zps3445edf5.jpg
Lovely Fried Kuay Teow for lunch at Kuah Town

 photo DSC_0757_zps0cb88163.jpg
Pizza at the 3 Amigos

 photo DSC_0753_zpsff47dc12.jpg
Foot Reflexology! the best thing that happened to man kind LOL

and well, after this it'll be all the crazy things and flips we did on the beach! Enjoy watching our stupidity and skills :)

 photo DSC_0484_zps855fac59.jpg
Cenang Beach

 photo DSC_0486_zps65fb9ce1.jpg
Another view of Cenang beach

 photo DSC_0497_zps2c725305.jpg
Group picture with Sean, Sukesh & May

 photo DSC_0504_zps90978aee.jpg
May stretching herself up

 photo DSC_0514_zps99276ad4.jpg
That's how tiny she is!

 photo DSC_0518_zpsea0816b5.jpg
Bromanceeee *God why did we just do that*

 photo DSC_0571_zps7b75043b.jpg
Still can perform a Chair!

 photo DSC_0578_zps8a82e111.jpg
The powderful May

 photo DSC_0579_zps23aada79.jpg
Sean with his epic face palm

 photo DSC_0494_zps1ad20d4b.jpg
Macho Giler Sukesh

 photo 2_zpsf81ea7be.gif
Sukesh in Action

 photo 1_zps9740e44d.gif
Sukesh's Gainer

 photo DSC_0773_zpsf13f08ae.jpg
Chilling session

 photo DSC_0777_zps74ed0b2e.jpg
Baywatch star on the move

 photo DSC_0782_zps0e8af069.jpg
Getting all soakin' wet

 photo DSC_0591_zps1f67f3f7.jpg
Bromance round two!

 photo DSC_0619_zps50683581.jpg
Nutty stunts we performed

 photo 3_zps42baec69.gif
Flipping around!

 photo 4_zpsb6058075.gif
This is like some bollywood drama

 photo 5_zps0bb4b356.gif
a 360 view of planking

 photo DSC_0634_zpsf0edd475.jpg
May posing for....

 photo DSC_0674_zps4e97ea8d.jpg
Mocking Sukesh

 photo DSC_0678_zpse3127816.jpg

 photo DSC_0689_zps90d5a271.jpg
Hollowback to Invert

 photo DSC_0690_zpsad30b949.jpg
swinging her around

 photo DSC_0759_zps124cf63b.jpg
The beach at night

 photo DSC_0761_zps048bb629.jpg
shooting up rockets

 photo DSC_0765_zps152cdcdd.jpg
Sean with LED art

 photo DSC_0770_zps5a62d404.jpg
Sukesh with his turn

 photo DSC_0751_zps05349a61.jpg
We're dead after that

It was an awesome trip of getting crazy! can't wait for next years trip!


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