BMW Shorties "Pizza" Premiere

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BMW Shorties is a short film contest which has been around for about 7 years. Expanding over the years, it has become bigger and better with plenty of meaningful and awesome short films. Since the company I work in is the one who designed the BMW Shorties website this year, we were invited to the Premiere of the short film "Pizza" done by the winner of last years BMW Shorties

Do check out the site we made here:

The premiere was held in Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur at the balcony of the hotel. luckily the rain stopped in time or else we would have a really bad day getting wet while watching the movie. It was quite a chillax session with pop corn, food and drinks while we enjoyed the film.

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Finally a day to dress up =)

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Bmw Shorties

 photo 2013-09-03203359_zps659b8ea3.jpg
Andrew, the brains of creating the BMW Shorties Website

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I used the Samsung Galaxy S4's Dual Camera function for this so that I could be inside the shot as well! 

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The Cast of "Pizza"
*credits to BMW

If you're wondering what Pizza is all about, you can watch the trailer here:

Once the full movie is out for public viewing, do check it out as it is quite a nice thriller! I wanna thank BMW for allowing us to work with them this year and Pizza was definitely awesome!

*All photos were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4