Beer Pairing with Delicious Food!

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When you hear about Food Pairing, it is normally wine pairing to enhance and compliment both the taste of the wine and the dish. This time I was in for a twist, Beer Pairing? seriously? All I know beer goes well with BBQ at any party!

Kronenbourg invited Me, Eileen, Ryan and Yeeing over to Circus, Pavilion where beer-inspired cuisine was served to us. We headed over there about 7.30pm where a succulent 5 course meal was prepared for us by the Executive Chef at circus Restaurant, David Caral

David Caral comes from Barcelona, Spain with an illustrious 18-year resume under his apron. Caral boasts the hallmarks of a culinary artist extraordinaire. His vast experience and immense talent has brought him to some of the world's culinary capitals and also the privilege of working under Michelin Star giants, Sergi Arola & Nobu Matsuhisa.

Random Question, do you know how the ingredient Hops used in beer looks like? Here it is:

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Fresh Hops from Amsterdam

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Eileen & I

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Eileen, Yeeing & Ryan

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Eileen & Yeeing

And to start with the yummylicious food!

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Amuse Bouche - Crispy Risotto Pearl paired with Carlsberg Green Label

I feel that the Carlsberg is a little too strong for this dish, but it still is a good pair!

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Appetizer - Peruvian Ceviche of White Fish paired with Asahi Super Dry

The Peruvian Ceviche is pretty spicy, so the Asahi goes well with it as it neutralizes the spiciness without killing the taste of the fish

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Salad - Watercress, Orange and Avocado Salad paired with Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

This is a really good pair as it compliments each other. Both taste sweeter to me once paired up

We had a random magician that came up to us while waiting for the main course and he performed some of his magic tricks to impress the ladies!

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Now back to the food!

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Main Course - French Style Roasted Chicken Breast with Portobello Mushroom, French Bean & Baby Carrots paired with Kronenbourg 1664

A well thought of pairing. The Kronenbourg is not too strong so it doesn't kill the taste of the dish. except i feel that the portobello mushroom is a little too strong in taste to pair with the Kronenbourg.

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Dessert - Tartefine of Crispy Thin Apples with Vannila Ice Cream & Cinnamon Sauce paired with Somersby Apple Cider

Of course a sweet Somersby will match well with any dessert!

After the meal was over, Chef David came over to talk to us about the dishes and pairings where we could learn more about his recipes. 

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Chef David meeting us after the meal was over

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Kronenbourg with Hops! LOL

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Mai Tai's after the splendid 5 course meal!

If you would like to try out the Kronenbourg 1664 Beer-Inspired Cuisine, you can head over to Circus outlets and it is priced at:

5 course menu RM185++ per person
3 course menu RM125++ per person

I want to thank Kronenbourg for inviting me over for this splendid dinner! Definitely want to come back for more!