Winning a Leica at the Heineken Legendary Traveler Contest

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Heineken Legendary Traveler is a global campaign where a person selected will be "dropped" off at a location which he has no clue on where he would be at. There will be a set of challenges involved and of course, its going to be LEGENDARY!

Some of us from Kuala Lumpur were chosen to have a mini legendary trip where there was a contest involved with it too. Heineken brought together 30 of us comprising of Bloggers and Instagrammers for this contest where we will be brought to a secret location, We'll have to Instagram 5 legendary pictures there, and the best pictures will win

We gathered at Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) factory where we were briefed and loaded onto a bus. We were all blindfolded so seriously we had no clue on where we were going

After about a 1/2 hour drive, the secret location was revealed and it was Taman Tasik Perdana at Kuala Lumpur. We had 1 hour to take our shots all over the park displaying our creativity and the prizes to be won were LEGENDARY!

there were 3 grand prizes which includes:
- A Leica Vlux 30 + leather casing
- 1 year Juice Magazine Subscription
- A Heineken bag flown all the way from Holland
- Bottles of heineken

and there were 5 consolation prizes of Heineken Crates

I took all my creativity and "craziness" to show it through my photos. Here are my shots:

 photo 1_zps331c91b0.jpg

and of course for the real crazy ones:

 photo 2_zps4c3647f6.jpg

Yes i actually stripped and the MBKL were all staring at me whether to capture me or let the wild man loose LOL

We headed to Tujo @ Ascott Kuala Lumpur where the winners were announced and dinner was served there. And I managed to appear one of the grand prize winners! woohoo!

Some of you may think that "OMG SAM IS SO LUCKY, EVERYTIME ALSO WIN CONTEST". Well honestly I would like to say, it is not all about luck. Luck does play a part, but also you need a lot of effort & preparation to win contests.

As for this contest, I actually planned ahead on my ideas thinking of what kind of locations that would be brought up. For instance:

- I brought my gas mask along for a picture as I thought of it a few days back
- I thought that there'll be a water element so I wore boxers instead of my normal underwear that day
- I thought about what would be the "wow" factor. which includes height, jump shots & a lil hint of craziness as it supposed to be LEGENDARY

so well, I just wanted to say that LOL

Here is the picture of the winners that day:

 photo winner_zpsb4a512bf.jpg
The winners
*pic credit to Anna

Once again I want to thank Heineken for inviting me over and I really love the prize you've given me! Can't wait for the next party/contest!


Jackie said…
U forgot mention... a good photographer as well :P haha just kidding

Congrate again bro!