Five For Fighting, The Wanted & All American Rejects this Arthurs Day 2013!

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Arthurs Day is back once again this year! With a lineup crazier than ever, it is not to be missed! I managed to head to the press conference last Thursday at KL Live where plenty of media, bloggers and friends joined together to know more of what is happening this year

I reached about 8pm (supposed to start at 7) and it was great as it hadn't started yet! I joined my fellow bloggers and friends from the events management company and chilled with a nice pint of Guinness. After 3-4 weeks of a gigantic workload at the office, this is definitely a day to chillax and let loose!

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Guest waiting for the event to start

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Guinness Girls

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With Joanna & Calista

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To Arthur!

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Rina & Ray

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Kelly, Choulyin, Joanna & Calista 

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With Nathaniel & Yukiko

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Don & I

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Serena C started it off by inviting the Guinness team on board and the artist were revealed 1 by 1!. It was awesome because as of last year, it was mostly local bands, and this year it took up a notch by having international bands such as:

 photo ArthursDayArtist-FiveForFighting_zpsde559748.jpg
Five For Fighting

Singer/songwriter John Ondrasik has spent the past decade writing deeply personal songs that include social messages, invoke the human spirit and make an emotional connection. This can be heard on the past four albums by Five For Fighting, the band name under which he records and performs. No one can ever forget such classic songs such as "Superman" 

 photo ArthursDayArtist-All-AmericanRejects1_zps6fa2fc09.jpg
All American Rejects

A pop punk band of Stillwater, Oklahoma based, were originally formed by Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler who discovered that both of them shared profound interest in music when they met during their high school years. 

With hit singles such as "Swing, Swing", "It Ends Tonight", "Dirty Little Secret" and "Move Along", its definitely going to move the crowd crazy!

 photo ArthursDayArtist-TheWanted2_zpsb2d4cd44.jpg
The Wanted

The Wanted needs no more introduction as it is one of the most famous boy bands now. Consisting of Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness, and Siva Kaneswaran, they formed, The Wanted. Since then, their debut album, The Wanted. We'll definitely be chasing the sun with them around!

I personally can't wait for Five For Fighting and All American Rejects as I grew up listening to their songs. 

We were then entertained by Daniel Wong's band as they played covers of the 3 main artist that were going to play at Arthurs Day

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Daniel's band

The night went on with Dinner, drinks and fellowship. here are some of the other photos taken that night:

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The lovely Adeline Lee

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Daniel, Kooi Chin & Caryn

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Jaz, Anna & Ah Bok

 photo DSC_0432_zpsa4b947ab.jpg
Kelly Siew & Daniel

 photo DSC_0415_zpsc4ec0e1d.jpg
Kooi Chin & Caryn

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The Events Team

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