Winning a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini at the Chaton Launch

 photo SAM_1903_zpse2c5a759.jpg

I was invited to the Chaton Launch a week back, and yeah I won a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini! *okay its time to cool down the hype*. It was held at Butter factory where media & bloggers came for the official launch

Chaton is a cross-platform mobile messaging app where you can basically do anything from chatting, to sending voice messages, anicons and way more. As for the launch itself, plenty of people came in orange, since it was ChatOn's colour and of course there was definitely a prize for best dressed!

The day before the Chaton launch, I headed over to Pyramid to just get something orange to put on. couldn't find much orange, as well its a very random colour to put on, especially when I always wear Black/White. Sooner or later, i managed to find a Polo Tee by Santa Barbara Polo, and it was a great fit. better still, it was 50% off! So i just scored it and bought it

I headed there pretty early, and I started a swarm of orange just getting into the venue! semangat giler babi!

 photo SAM_1915_zpsb4601480.jpg
Yukiko & I

 photo SAM_1935_zps0a61fd28.jpg
The adorable "Chun Li" Jyuri LOL

 photo SAM_1904_zps4fa6fe76.jpg
Yeeing with Ryan's duckie. *alright that sounds wrong*

 photo SAM_1908_zpse91bcbfd.jpg
and there she goes again

 photo SAM_1906_zps2a0561f9.jpg
Michelle & I

 photo SAM_1913_zpsfafa6d2b.jpg
Elvina & Diana

 photo SAM_1928_zpsd31013a0.jpg
The lovely Joanna

 photo 1016611_547211532006361_426973657_n_zps82f43b9a.jpg
See how orange we are

 photo SAM_1938_zps2ff8b375.jpg
Ashley, Karmun & Yeeing

 photo SAM_1937_zps18a3e1f9.jpg
Aris, Ryan, Nathaniel & I

 photo SAM_1911_zps24cb6078.jpg
Chaton Guy doing a dance

 photo SAM_1940_zps42ad1885.jpg
Eyes shut with Diana babe *shucks*

 photo SAM_1931_zps8754c1d8.jpg
The lovely ladies

 photo SAM_1916_zps41229bbe.jpg

So when it came to the best dressed, Liang brought out the 5 nominees on stage. and to choose the winner, a dance off happened. I was one of them woohoo! and 5 of us had to show our dance moves. 

Bringing back my rusty old moves since 4 years back (yeah i didn't dance that long) I manage to emerge the winner! and Aris came in 2nd! We both managed to score a Samsung S3 mini each! woohoo!

So here are some shots of my dancing LOL *please dont laugh*

 photo 1_zps460dd023.jpg

 photo 1002934_10200913841701066_845067763_n_zps08246c72.jpg

 photo 942079_489359911138895_699837786_n_zps7d9a8f69.jpg

 photo 1-DSC_0173_zps9001ea13.jpg

 photo SAM_1920_zps9f253264.jpg
Liang announcing me the winner! =D woohoo *free phone for me

 photo 1012173_489360267805526_2146349122_n_zpsd29d4d93.jpg
Receiving my S3 Mini

 photo SAM_1927_zps896b52ec.jpg
All the best dressed & best dressed nominees! 

 photo SAM_1934_zps317e0794.jpg
Don Chan, The man who makes it happen!

 photo SAM_1933_zps4a0c9d51.jpg
Bloggers Group picture with Liang

 photo 1016114_559180570789978_1666719740_n_zpsfb58177e.jpg
The last blogger group picture! love you guys!

After the event was over, Jaz, Sandy and myself headed over to Jalan Alor for some good food and bonding time! woohoo. as for the last pic of the day:

 photo SAM_1944_zpsf7e23629.jpg
Camwhoring at Jalan Alor

Once again, thank you Samsung Malaysia & Don Chan for inviting me over, and thanks for the new phone! =D

*some photo credits to Jaz, Joanna, Dusty, Fish & Yin Yin