My new Aries Gold watch!

To start things up, some of you may know that I am a collector of watches. I have watches ranging from the affordable Casio to the ever exclusive Franck Muller. It has became a hobby and an addiction at the same time as every timepiece will suit a different occasion which i'm attending

 photo SAM_2023_zps9c927215.jpg

Now to add another watch to my collection, I have just received an Aries Gold G500 Watch! *woohoo* 

I managed to win it from a contest that Fay Hokulani & Aries Gold Watches organized and well it is epic! Thanks so much for picking me the winner!

A little history on Aries Gold Watches, it was created in 1928 and is an international brand registered at Switzerland. Aries Gold strives to create a sophisticated collection for the urban, young, and stylish luxury seekers.

All Aries Gold watches are designed on onsite interviews with professionals like racers, deep sea divers, aircraft engineers, fashion designers or entrepreneurs to create robust, functional and inspiring timepieces built to last, timepieces with a story.

I had Ying Zi to help me out by collecting it since it was at Singapore and it has finally arrived! Thanks Ying Zi!

Check it out:

 photo SAM_2021_zpsc4d1b501.jpg

 photo SAM_2020_zpsbc2038e8.jpg
The G500 is a very sturdy and solid watch. its really heavy too! 

 photo SAM_2016_zps16efbb5c.jpg

 photo SAM_2017_zps86065788.jpg
Like a watch model! LOL

If you're looking for new timepieces, you can check out their collection of watches at:


Once again, Thanks Fay Hokulani, Aries Gold Watches for this awesome contest and Ying Zi for bringing it over! 


Henry Lee said…
awesome watch bro.... u damnnnn lucky again!