Drifting with the Honda Civic! Let your intuition take over!

 photo CivicBloggerDrive345_zpse25932e4.jpg

I was given the chance to test drive the new Honda Civic 9th Generation and it wasn't a normal test drive! a 30 of us were given the chance to bring it for a long journey, and to try out some safety courses that were provided by Honda.

We gathered at Paradiso, Solaris Dutamas where we found our team mates and had a light lunch over there. As for my team, I had Ariff & Aim. New friendly faces to me! *of course I had to brush up my BM since we mainly talked in BM*

There were a few different types of Civics for the drive that day ranging from the Civic Hybrid 1.5L, Civic 1.8S, Civic 2.0S and the Civic 2.0 Navi. As for the price range for the Civic, it starts at RM115,980 until RM136,980.

One new thing about the Honda Civic was that each one was equipped with ECO mode. which allowed the car to perform at a more optimum level while not burning too much fuel. It is the first petrol car to have this feature. Other than that, the Civic Hybrid is the pioneer of Hybrid technology in Malaysia which now comes with 8 years warranty on the battery and great after sales service.

We had a 10 car convoy for this drive and well it was something different! 

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 photo 1_zpsd353673d.jpg
The Civic 2.0 Navi with Mugen Bodykit

 photo SAM_1965_zps3849f2f5.jpg
My Civic 2.0S for the day

We started our journey by taking a drive to Rawang, where we were able to go to some secluded hillside roads to test out the handling of the Civic. As for me, I tried taking the corners as fast as I could and it was just bliss!

 photo CivicBloggerDrive173_zps0c566f05.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive169_zps4bf29e68.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive177_zpsf422142b.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive161_zps0f6d86d6.jpg
our beloved sweeper

 photo SAM_1976_zpscf78dbd6.jpg

We were all given an iPad each to record a video of our trip and mainly our experience with the Honda. the best part was, there was a creative team ready to edit all our videos at the end of the trip. So once we were given the iPads, all hell broke loose! LOL

 photo SAM_1970_zpsec6720cf.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive192_zpsbf7febb1.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive297_zps40f3894c.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive194_zps4ccb2e51.jpg

After our long drive, through the hilly roads of Rawang, we then raced off to Desa Park City where we had a whole course laid out for us to participate in. The exercises emphasized on the Anti Brake System (ABS), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) & a slalom course for us to record the fastest time

As for the ABS, it was a course to show how effective Honda's ABS is and we're able to change directions even while jamming the brakes.

 photo CivicBloggerDrive214_zps666c5d3f.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive274_zpsbf8380d4.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive261_zpsbb918fb8.jpg
Running over them cones! *yes rebecca its you! LOL*

The VSA course was pretty cool as we were required to drift! tell me how many times can you test drive a car and say: "I WANT TO DRIFT"? We were able to take the corners at high speeds and let the car do the rest! 

VSA helps in maintaining full stability of the car, and it works together with the ABS and traction control system. It also has selective braking, example: 1 brake will activate while the other 3 will not to ensure the car is stabilized. It also countersteers when the car has understeered or oversteered

Check out them drifts!

 photo SAM_1979_zpsf2fe5e9c.jpg
learning it from the instructor

 photo CivicBloggerDrive226_zps247ae44b.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive232_zps92a8675d.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive221_zps2f042e4c.jpg

Last but not least there was a Slalom challenge organized where there were a series of twist and turns. of course there were prizes up for grabs so we had to try to get the fastest time for it! We were using the Mugen Civic for it! Check out some of the pictures:

 photo CivicBloggerDrive250_zps4008c135.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive281_zps7600b7b3.jpg

 photo CivicBloggerDrive211_zpsdd8495da.jpg
some joyful faces

After a good time practicing at these courses, we finally headed back for Paradiso where the final speeches, editing of video and dinner was served! of course for our video, we had some ideas that were removed due to some inappropriate content hahaa

 photo CivicBloggerDrive343_zpsb9b30619.jpg
The creative team editing our videos

Check out our video:

As for the Slalom course, the top 3 times were able to get themselves awesome prizes! an iPod, iPad and a Sony Nex 3 were up for grabs! Other than that, there was also a special award for the person who hit the most cones down during the course LOL He got himself a 500gb hard disk

 photo cats_zps4898aca9.jpg
Prize Winners

last but not least, the final group picture!

 photo SAM_1986_zps44b33508.jpg

I want to thank Honda Malaysia for giving me this opportunity of testing driving the new Honda Civic. Can't wait for better things to come!


Anonymous said…
Hello samuel chew...,just to know... the black colour WXD 1620 civic with mugen bodykit its so smart!! Can u tell me, Where's i can buy the bodykit accessories?? Thank u very much ya ^_^
Samuel C said…
Hi There

you can probably get them from those modification shops as well..its mugen..quite easy to find..

or either you can buy it at lelong.my or mudah.my?

The Full package for the ori bodykit is about RM8.5k the last I checked. now not too sure
WOW, i am really shocked after seeing this drifting with honda civic.
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JohnRMay said…
The photos are so awesome! Any other info about Honda Civic?