Celcom's PortaWifi's This Raya!

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Hari Raya is coming upon us and Celcom has been succeeding the rest in its promotions. From my previous post, We now know that Celcom was giving out flyers which will allow us to redeem a free PortaWifi. 

Since I received it, I headed over to a Blue Cube outlet at Publika to redeem my free PortaWifi. 

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Such a happy face LOL

If you’re wondering what a PortaWiFi is, PortaWiFi by Celcom is a device that lets you enjoy your very own personal WiFi wherever you go! Riding on Celcom First Data plan, you can use the PortaWiFi at home, outdoors on your laptops and even in your car!

Just imagine bustling through the jam heading back to your kampung. I guess this will be a great addition as you'll be able to get a great connection of internet for your laptop, phone or whatsoever! It'll make any journey an enjoyable one. 

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With the PortaWiFi device, you can basically

- Share WiFi access with up to 5 devices at once
- Surf at speeds of up to 21Mbps
- Get up to 10GB data with the widest coverage of the fastest network

If you didn’t get a flyer at the toll plaza and still want to get one, Celcom is having a promotion where you can get a FREE PortaWiFi when you sign up with their Celcom First Data plan and enjoy a total of up to RM120 rebates on your monthly bills.

You can get more info here: www.celcom.com.my/personal/promotion/wifi?pid=1360826467841

Dont miss out on this promotions! and get ready to have an awesome Hari Raya!