The Balut CHALLENGE & Taal Volcano!

This is my final post for my Manila trip, you can read the first two post here: and

First up, just wanna say thanks to everyone for helping me win the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger contest which allowed me to become the first Cebu Pacific Blogger Ambassador. Also thanks to the Cebu Pacific, Agoda & Visa for everything during my trip!

Joy from Cebu Pacific Airways was kind enough to bring us to Tagaytay which is up on a hill about an hour drive from Manila. We went up a hilly area with her land cruiser, and soon we were on top, we had a great view of the Taal Volcano. It was quite cloudy that day, so I couldn't get good pictures on the volcano

 photo DSC_0635_zpsb825eb0b.jpg
Check out the Volcano & Lake!

The Taal Volcano is situated in the middle of Taal Lake and it is the 2nd most active volcano in the Philippines. There are guided tours to the volcano itself for about 1500 pesos (RM110) but we didn't have enough time to do that. 

The main thing to do at Tagaytay, is to EAT, EAT and EAT SOME MORE! 

So the first place where Joy brought us was to MUSHROOM BURGER RESTAURANT. Yes its epic as the patty is made out of pure mushrooms! No meat, just Mushrooms! It was delicious like trying to eat a Double Swiss burger with Epic Mushrooms & no meat patty!

 photo DSC_0556_zps241975e8.jpg
Mushroom Burger Restaurant!

 photo DSC_0546_zpsb944b2e6.jpg
Oyster Mushrooms growing

 photo DSC_0549_zpsb6eb30bb.jpg
A single & a double

 photo DSC_0553_zps6c870f93.jpg
Mushroom Burger!

Soon after that, we headed over for some "Buko" tarts (coconut tarts). Its great as you can really taste and feel the coconut flesh inside the tarts itself. You should definitely give this a try if you're ever in Philippines

 photo DSC_0602_zps004cb00d.jpg
Buko Tarts

 photo DSC_0607_zpse09d5e6d.jpg
Om Nom Nom!

And to the main challenge I wanted to do at Philippines, to eat the BALUT! A balut is a developing duck embryo still in the egg which is boiled and eaten. So you can think how crazy it sounds already. Other than that, we had the more crazy things up to be eaten. There was a fully formed baby duckling to be eaten too!

Check out what we had to go through:

 photo DSC_0560_zps7349604d.jpg
Quill Eggs & the Balut

1st step, Make a small hole at the top of the shell, add a little salt, and drink the "soup"

 photo DSC_0565_zpscb308558.jpg
Eileen with her Balut

 photo DSC_0568_zps5c648e65.jpg
Drinking up the soup

Step 2: Peel off the shell and start eating the balut

 photo DSC_0573_zps1216af5f.jpg
I dare you eat this =D

 photo DSC_0583_zpsd83e757a.jpg
That's the head attached to the yolk

If you think that was bad, check out the fully fertilized duckling:

 photo DSC_0559_zpsec383146.jpg

Basically they fry it, and you eat it whole! inclusive of all the organs, intestines & everything =D

 photo DSC_0586_zps4dcc9854.jpg

 photo DSC_0597_zps5c85432a.jpg
Om nom nom!

 photo DSC_0592_zpsfc2b9e1c.jpg
Check out the inside!

Honestly, I would say the Balut was better compared to the fully formed duckling, So if you go to Philippines, make sure you try this!

After the Balut Challenge, it was time for a good meal! There was a popular restaurant nearby, which sells awesome beef soup. And the best part, it had an awesome view of the Taal Volcano & Lake. 

 photo DSC_0623_zps0c92c9f3.jpg
Time for some good food!

 photo DSC_0630_zps6e5527c0.jpg
Beef Soup!

 photo DSC_0609_zps367aae96.jpg
The Taal Volcano & Lake

 photo DSC_0618_zps89a3b7a9.jpg

 photo DSC_0620_zps9461f517.jpg
Myself, Eileen & Michelle

That concludes my Manila trip! I wanna specially thank Joy & Michelle from Cebu Pacific Airlines for preparing everything for me and making it happen! 

I cant wait for my next trip in July to Cebu! I'll be blogging then too!

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Henry Lee said…
the mushroom burger looks good! I don't dare to try balut... the feather and it's so gooey :(
Samuel C said…
but its a must try! you have to do it when you go philippines! fear factor!