Riding a Jeepney in Manila!

I've headed to Manila, Philippines all sponsored by Cebu Pacific Air, Visa & Agoda as I emerged the winner of the Cebu Pacific Air Juan Blogger contest which made me the first Cebu Pacific Air Blogger Ambassador. 

I've blogged a lil about my trip already, and you can read it here: http://www.seraphsam.com/2013/06/my-first-all-expense-paid-trip-to.html

Continuing in this post is the places I went to at Manila.

 photo DSC_0243_zpsd03c6e65.jpg

Riding a Jeepney, what is that? It is basically a form of public transport in Philippines which the locals normally use. the fare starts from 8 pesos (about RM0.50) depending on the distance you go. As for basic words, you use "Bayan" which means I want to pay my fare, and "Para" which means driver please stop. 

Joy & Giselle brought Eileen, Alfred & Myself to ride our first jeepney. luckily, it wasn't packed and we practically had the whole jeepney to ourselves. It was a short and brief ride, but well, I can finally say, I RODE A JEEPNEY! 

 photo DSC_0535_zps4a20cd77.jpg
Eileen, Alfred & Myself

We headed over for Divisoria & Binondo, which is basically the Flea market & China Town. At Divisoria, just imagine its soooooo cheap when you can get clothes from 30 pesos (RM2.50) and above! its crazy! 

We couldn't really blend in because of Alfred's skin colour as its so recognizable he is a foreigner, so we decided to head over to Binondo faster as it is not really safe for tourist to visit Divisoria

And as for China Town, we had some popular snacks in the area with some regular sightseeing. have a look at some of the pictures!

 photo DSC_0519_zps99e8eadf.jpg
The Church of Binondo

 photo DSC_0524_zps91f25521.jpg
such a beautiful interior of the church

 photo DSC_0525_zps20807256.jpg
Chinatown with Eileen!

 photo DSC_0527_zpsf1aa013e.jpg
Massive Cabling in China Town

 photo DSC_0528_zpsccb8120a.jpg
Local veggie vendors

 photo DSC_0531_zps49d2587e.jpg
Whenever you go to Binondo, you've gotta try this! as its recommended by CNN *lol*

 photo DSC_0532_zps5c90d534.jpg
Eng Bee Tin

 photo DSC_0542_zps0546927f.jpg

Funny thing, We were driving around, and I saw one of Philippines University, which is Philippines NORMAL University. Then now I'm thinking. where do CRAZY AND ABNORMAL people like me go to? HAHA

 photo DSC_0515_zpsb89316f5.jpg

We headed over for Giselle's house to get some light tea time, as seriously, Filipinos have so many meals in a day! its like you literally never stop eating. Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, after lunch, tea time, dinner, supper and second supper. CRAZY! but its my heaven! =)

Giselle's mom cooked some "tea time" for us which are delicacies such as:

 photo DSC_0537_zpsb379f905.jpg
Sticky rice with Brown Sugar

 photo DSC_0545_zpsbdd2e4b6.jpg
Fried Glass Noodles

We headed for the National Museum & Art Gallery, where there were loads of historical artworks and fixtures from the past being displayed there. One way to know a country better, do a bit of research on Google, and head over to their Museums! We managed to get student rate *teehee* and well it was way cheaper for us to get in and about!

 photo DSC_0514_zpsdd60d4de.jpg
The National Museum

 photo DSC_0509_zps4406e9c8.jpg
Some pieces of history

 photo DSC_0497_zpsf426030a.jpg
This painting is scary, but yet so artistic at the same time!

 photo DSC_0511_zpsf2ca78e4.jpg

 photo DSC_0499_zps979eb8c5.jpg

 photo DSC_0513_zps18e62884.jpg
This is Dr Jose Rizal, Nationalist which was executed. you can read it in my 1st blog post

 photo DSC_0507_zpsa32b229c.jpg
The SPERM whale. yes I took this picture for a reason =P

That's all for this post! I'll be updating on my final post soon! and you're gonna be in for a treat! as I took the challenge of eating the Balut! Stay tuned!

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