Maju Home Concept grand launch

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Last weekend, I was able to attend the Maju Home Concept grand launch. I know its something not ordinary that I would blog about as, I normally Instagram/Facebook things about interior design. *especially my favourite place of furniture for those who know me*

This is its latest outlet which is humongous in size. a 3 story building filled with all sorts of furniture & fixtures with its motto "One Stop Furniture Mall". It is mid-range furniture mall, so you wouldn't see the prices go sky high compared to other furniture shops. 

The great thing about Maju Home Concept is that they believe in building relationships with local manufacturers as they have faith in the quality and durability of Malaysian furniture products. That i'll definitely agree to! My Sofa and the rest which are Malaysian made have lasted for more than 23 years! *LOL*

This also enables Maju Home to stay competitive in its prices which will be better for us consumers.

The Maju Home Concept is located at:

 photo usj-map-v4_zps1bd81c02.png

Wisma LKT PT35200
Persiaran Subang Damai (off LDP)
Subang Jaya
Tel: 03-80683661

if you have no idea where that is, its somewhere behind USJ 19 mall

The launch started with Managing Director Mr Low giving his welcome speech and  a lion dance to commence the launch!

*photos were taken using the Samsung NX20 and Samsung Galaxy S4

 photo SAM_1880_zps40ceb6ac.jpg
The Directors cutting the ribbon

 photo SAM_1882_zps769faf40.jpg
The Directors of Maju Home Concept

 photo SAM_1890_zps2ba4dddf.jpg
The lion dance commencing

 photo SAM_1896_zpscc527f4f.jpg
Jumping for the cabbage!

 photo SAM_1900_zps7d9c9cbf.jpg
Its officially launched!

We were able to check out the whole building and it was definitely big and had a wide range of furniture and fixtures. As for the 1st 2 floors, You can find anything from Bathroom to Bedroom and more, and as for the 3rd floor, its a concept floor where you can visualize and see how the arrangements will fit into your house

I'll let the pictures speak for itself:

 photo SAM_1857_zps7faa8f91.jpg
You can check out all the designs at their counters

 photo SAM_1858_zpsc9389251.jpg
Senri & I

 photo grouppic_zps7481f002.jpg

Group picture with the bloggers
*picture credit to Isaac

Living room sets:

 photo SAM_1812_zpsdc6342c3.jpg

 photo SAM_1863_zps5a519746.jpg

 photo SAM_1823_zpse8e74fda.jpg

All sorts of cupboards & bedroom fixtures! my heaven!

 photo SAM_1820_zps9be36bab.jpg

 photo SAM_1821_zpsfdbf9ad8.jpg

 photo SAM_1817_zps9739364f.jpg

 photo SAM_1848_zps3988e38e.jpg
Not forgetting your toilet needs!

 photo SAM_1851_zps234eebbb.jpg
Office furniture & Chairs

 photo SAM_1840_zps66947308.jpg
Children's furniture

 photo SAM_1854_zps01c57056.jpg
Interesting stools! 

A wide variety of Kitchen Appliances & Fixtures from various brands

 photo SAM_1815_zps3e851735.jpg

 photo SAM_1844_zps4ac15d38.jpg

 photo SAM_1842_zpsa36ca71c.jpg

Your Dining room tables:

 photo SAM_1830_zpsb0c46ee0.jpg

 photo SAM_1827_zpsedf70368.jpg

Custom make your doors:
 photo SAM_1846_zps96ffffc4.jpg

 photo SAM_1845_zps5b97e123.jpg

And if you're a fan of horses, you can get a Horse Lamp! LOL

 photo SAM_1824_zpseb6cfffe.jpg

 photo SAM_1861_zpsdddfe864.jpg

You'll definitely be HORSING around after this 

The Concept floor:

 photo SAM_1839_zps74f4455b.jpg

 photo SAM_1837_zpsb98454ca.jpg

 photo SAM_1833_zpsf2e57af4.jpg

This is just a glimpse of whats at Maju Home Concept. as if I've put every picture I had over there, My blog's gonna be crowded to the max with photos!

If you're looking for affordable and a great variety of furniture, head over to Maju Home Concept now!


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