Going all cosmic @ Cosmic Gate!

 photo 2013-06-07231154_zps4e20ec79.jpg

Being a fan of Trance music, I was given invites by Wicked Entertainment & Milk PR to Cosmic Gate's performance at Neverland, Kuala Lumpur. Cosmic Gate is known for its hard trance & progressive spinning at their performances which uplifts the crowd like crazy!

I brought Yunsin over for this event, and weirdly, we arrived pretty early. It started to drizzle, and she just had her hair done *ah you can feel all the female drama to  it*. We met up with some of the other peeps coming for it and headed upstairs on the balcony reserved for us.

Funny thing though, It was an Asahi sponsored event, but somehow, we were given Vodka & orange for drinks? I would have really preferred an Asahi for this event as it is a joy drink & I do not fancy Vodka as there was no "kick" in it

We waited till 1am where Cosmic came to set, and the dance floor down there was packed. luckily we had the whole balcony upstairs to ourselves. full of  space! 

just a few highlights of the night:

*Pictures were taken using the Samsung Galaxy S4

 photo 2013-06-07230956_zps9e8dc57c.jpg
The adorable Yunsin & I

 photo 2013-06-07231746_zps887ebf4f.jpg
Ryan, Yunsin & I

 photo 2013-06-08000417_zps163dc8cd.jpg
Ryan, Jess & I

 photo 2013-06-08003644-1_zps62aaf2c5.jpg
Noey, Nat & I

 photo 2013-06-08010205_zps8b531131.jpg
B.A.T.E on set

 photo 2013-06-08011301_zps91228fec.jpg
Cosmic gate on the decks

and well, last but not least, A group picture of ourselves

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*picture credit to Wicked Entertainment

I wanna say thanks to Wicked Entertainment & Milk Pr for inviting me there!