Getting my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4

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The latest hit in the market is the Samsung Galaxy S4 and luckily, I was given one thanks to Manoah Consultancy & Samsung Malaysia. I've been using the Samsung Galaxy S3 before this and well I guess its just about time for me to upgrade to the S4

I've been using the S4 for about 2 weeks now, and what do I like about the Samsung S4? Well basically the processor is awesome as its an Octo-core which means it has double quad cores compared to my S3 which has only 1 quad core, and there are quite a lot of new things added into the S4. 

One of the main features I like is the Camera. The Camera has been added with loads of presets and different type of modes which can be explored by every user. Some of the new modes added is such as the 

"Dual Shot" - use both the front & back camera simultaneously
"Best Face" - Selects the best picture of each person from 5 consecutive pictures to get the best merged group photo
"Sound & Shot" - Take a photo with a sound clip
"Drama" - Take multiple shots of a moving object and merge it together
"Animated photo" - You can animate selected parts of the photo
"Eraser" - Erase moving objects in the photo
"Beauty face" - Enhance facial features

I would say, the "Beauty Face" picture would suit girls the most as it enhances all their faces. *yeah I know you girls will keep camwhoring like crazy*

Check out an example:

 photo 20130611_200808_zps10ab0035.jpg
OMG there are no pimples on my face!

and as for the Dual Shot, the photographer will never be out of any picture!

 photo 20130611_200423_zps650bfeae.jpg

Another feature which is cool on the Samsung Galaxy S4 is its motion detection. It is able to detect movements of your fingers and eyes. 

Scrolling is much easier especially if you're eating good old CHILLI CRABS and you need not touch the screen. Of course, If you're pure lazy, You can just use your eyes to scroll through pages by tilting your head a little.

You're also able to preset finger motions, to answer calls, make shortcuts, etc

 photo SAM_1788_zps54e4a3c4.jpg
Scrolling with your fingers swiping it left right up down without touching the screen

 photo SAM_1792_zps09438e34.jpg
gazing on the phone and scroll down & up the page

A great app that has been added to the Samsung Galaxy S4, is the S Translator App. there are plenty of languages to be chosen from, and it eases communications, especially if you're overseas *provided you have internet*

And of course for the fun of it, you can always tease your friends with foreign languages. For example:

 photo Screenshot_2013-06-11-20-19-05_zpsde30f0cf.png
We all know Joshua is very "short". so try nudging him in a different language now!

S Health app is another great addition to those who are fitness freaks. who counts your calories and every step you take. You wouldn't need to buy an expensive watch and wear a pulse rate all over the place, all you need to do is just activate the S Health App and everything will be counted for you!

We needa be more healthy these days too!

 photo Screenshot_2013-06-11-20-16-19_zps17ef0e22.png

and last but not least, a feature I like in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Group Play app. Lets just say I'm playing a song on my phone, I can connect up to 7 other S4's with mine and it'll sync and play the same song. So the ambiance will be much louder!

You can also transfer files, share pictures and play games with this app!

 photo Screenshot_2013-06-11-20-06-08_zpsde05dbf8.png

That's about it for this post, I'm still exploring the Samsung Galaxy S4, and as for now I'm really amazed by it! I'll be updating from time to time on my experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4!


Jackie said…
the octa processor doesnt double ur speed compare with S3 :P

It is 4+4 core actually mean it is still quad core running with 1 lower arm for light task and 1 higher arm for heavy task like GAMING
Samuel C said…
Ahhh! okay thanks for the info! I am not so techwise like you =)