Staycation at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur!

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while, then i found out a term from my Singaporean friend Ying Zi, which is "STAYCATION". I didn't know such term existed. So well, it basically means, having a vacation at your own area. (since Singapore is so small, Staycations are popular as they have no where else to go LOL)

Since i started work, I knew I should take some time off every once in a while so that I wouldn't get all "Crazeeee" from work. *looking at all those lunatics who have worked themselves to death*

So i decided to head to Intercontinental Hotel at Kuala Lumpur. just 5 minutes away from KLCC. Its a 5 star establishment, and who else than to bring Eileen along =)

I reached there at 3pm, where we had priority check in! *yay me* so our check in was really fast and smooth. We got a room at the 23rd floor to our Grand Premier Room, and it was AWESOME! The room rate's about RM500 per night..but I got it for free =P WHEEE *yay me again*

Here are some photos of the room:

 photo SAM_1615_zps6a4674d5.jpg

Shooo big and nice..The pillows and bed were so comfortable, I could just sink in and snooze for hours!

 photo SAM_1611_zps47bdc46d.jpg
The ever changgih toilet super big LOLOL with different bidets *no idea why*

 photo SAM_1612_zps2525b340.jpg
Awesome bath tub...which is only good for...

 photo 310049_10152814241265054_1055038709_n_zps32adfa5c.jpg

Later in the evening, we decided to go for a swim, somehow, The Jacuzzi wasn't operating and i dislike the fact that the pool is only 4 feet deep. But other than that, We were the only ones in the pool so we got all crazy splashing around like dumb nuts =D *like factor up!

At the pool *epic camwhore moments ever*

 photo SAM_1618_zpsfa1df143.jpg

 photo SAM_1623_zpsf8d084ec.jpg

someone is showing a grumpy face:

 photo SAM_1625_zpsee3b3bd0.jpg
LOLOLOL *bullied her too much*

The night went on as we headed for KLCC to chill and eat some yummylicious food. Had Japanese Food, awesome smoothies & some good ice cream after that!

As morning came, the thing that I look forward every time to staying in a hotel. BREAKFAST! The buffet breakfast was awesome as there was a variety of everything with so many food stations! As usual I'll go for a more "ang moh" breakfast with eggs, bread, bacon,etc. and it was GOOD!

 photo 943579_10152815910465054_313026885_n_zpsdec73af7.jpg
best part of this platter, THE BACON!

Whats more, I decided to come more "Japanese" as I do love salmon like nuts! So i got a whole Salmon Platter!

 photo 947292_10152815973245054_1925283514_n_zpsdc9cce1b.jpg

We checked out, and everything went smoothly. I wanna thank Intercontinental for having me there! I'll definitely be back soon! 

For those who needs a "staycation" why not consider Intercontinental? =P


Eileen said…
I swear you take the most unflattering pictures of me..
Samuel C said…
where got...very nice wan okayyyy??
Eileen said…
Hahah... Yes darling, I know. Saja kacau. Payback for bullying me. :P