Help me out for Elegantology!

Hey everyone, I have a question in my head that needs help with! WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? I’ve been invited to a launch happening on the next week at Solaris Dutamas Publika and well, I’ve got no idea what to wear to it

I’m quite a classic person where my world revolves around black & white with the hint of red and of course, the random days where I’ll wear all the other different colours in the prism.

Here are a few picks of mine for next week, what do you think?

 photo DSC_0411_zps909048b7.jpg

Outfit 1 – Full black formal

1) Topman Blazer
2) Black G2000 Shirt
3) Black John Masters Pants
4) Black Bonia Belt
5) Hush Puppies Leather Shoes

 photo DSC_0407_zps693631bd.jpg

Outfit 2 – white semi formal

1) White G2000 Shirt
2) Timberland Jeans
3) Puma Ferrari shoes
4) Puma Brown Belt

 photo DSC_0408_zps4ddb4c83.jpg

Outfit 3 – young & sporty lookin’

1) Red T-Shirt
2) Puma Ferrari Jacket
3) Lee Jeans
4) Puma Ferrari Belt
5) Puma Red Classic Suedes

What’s your take on it? Help me pick it out!

 photo Gyueleganticook3_zps67ed6f24.jpg

If you’re wondering where I’m heading to, it’s Elegantology Restaurant & Gallery! *CHEWAAHHH even the name of restaurant so changgih* Located at Publika Solaris Dutamas, Elegantology is a restaurant/fashion house which offers exclusive men’s fashion & lifestyle products through co-creations with reputable local designers.

 photo 480177_495185420551384_1753784463_n_zpsaea38996.jpg photo 11601_495180203885239_888213480_n_zps53689ac1.jpg

Started off by Malaysian Designer, Beatrice Looi & Celebrity Chefs, Sherson Lian & Johnny Fua. It marks a start of exclusive fashion and gastronomy.

The collection features timeless elegant pieces in limited numbers, which is tailored for the most sophisticated of tastes, and the ever changing menu will ensure that every dining experience will never be the same!

  photo 67988_495179517218641_972124077_n_zps720b7cd9.jpg

Definitely I can’t wait for the main event! *probably I can get a personal stylist from Elegantology to refine my style!*

Other than that, Local celebrities and personalities such as Patricia K, Hensen Lee and many more others celebrities will be attending too! It’s not to be missed

 photo elegantology_zpsaeb31f89.jpg

If you want to be a part of this, Head over to to RSVP for the after party at Publika!

What can you expect there?

A fashion show from Elegantology’s designers collections!
DJ Nadine on the decks

What are you waiting for? Faster head and RSVP for it now!

Mark your dates down & I’ll see you there! 


Anonymous said…
Outfit two! You look sexy in it! :)))))
Josarine said…
TWO! Cause i think it's going to be freaking too hot to wear a suit, Malaysia's weather has been madness!
Tee Ying Zi said…
Outfit 1! The place looks damn posh man. Hahahah!
Anonymous said…
Definitely outfit 2!
Evon Hew said…
Outfit 1! Cuz you'll look more badass in a black outfit :D
Dilalala said…
but dont wear black shirt! all black, not nice lah -_-
Samuel C said…
3 for outfit 1 and 3 for outfit 2. I think imma go with both. formal with white shirt? hahaaa =)