Awesome Dessert! Halo-halo!

I'm updating live from the Philippines. I've reached Manila a few hours back, and I received my first VISA challenge. I was given a VISA prepaid card with 20,000 pesos reloaded in it. and I'm on the hunt for something to eat!

The challenge was:

look for this popular Filipino summer dessert of mixed beans, fruits and jellies with saved ice and milk, then topped with creme caramel and ube ice cream. You may find this well loved thirst-quencher on the streets, malls, restaurants, or even in fast food joints.

After doing a little research on the internet and asking some of the Filipino locals here, I concluded that it must be the dessert "Halo-Halo" as it matched all the criteria

I headed over to the ATM to withdraw some money using the prepaid card, and headed over to the food court at a shopping complex nearby.

 photo DSC_0230_zpsd7b4f7dc.jpg
Withdrawing money

 photo DSC_0235_zps6aeb9807.jpg
4,000 pesos! woohoo!

 photo DSC_0278_zpsd96c1c22.jpg
Yeaps, I've got another 16,000 left!

 photo DSC_0270_zpsa802604a.jpg

For  96 pesos, I bought my first Halo-halo! With this scorching weather over here, It is definitely the best dessert to accompany as its so refreshing and cool

 photo DSC_0269_zps35c20e1c.jpg
handing over the money =D

 photo DSC_0275_zps596b9352.jpg

I'll be updating soon on my other adventures!

Thank You VISA for giving me this opportunity!