Monday, May 27, 2013

Elegantology's Grand Launch!

 photo SAM_1657_zpsad6469c5.jpg

Fresh from the pot, I've just attended Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant's grand launch on Friday. It was amazing on how the whole event was put together as it was done so finely. Held at Publika Square, a good 900 invitees were there to celebrate the launch together

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant brings the finest of things together in its food and fashion. Fine dining food is served in the restaurant, created by celebrity chefs Johnny Fua & Sherson Lian, while in the gallery, The creative director, Beatrice Looi showcases elegant men's fashion designed by established local fashion designers such as Daniel Chong, Hayden Koh, Ian Chang, Jason Zeck Lee, Joe Chia, Justin Yap, Michael Ong and Venie Tee.

We started off by having a tour in the restaurant and gallery itself, and a cocktail reception to wait till everyone has arrived

*Photos are taken using the Samsung NX20

 photo SAM_1655_zps7f90a4ac.jpg

The interior of the Gallery

 photo SAM_1651_zps366714b9.jpg

These pieces comes in a limited number tailored for the most sophisticated of tastes

 photo SAM_1659_zpsc9e25e99.jpg

lovely canapes at the reception

 photo SAM_1660_zpse5793fb2.jpg

Martell VSOP being served

 photo SAM_1662_zps351ca479.jpg

The stage area

 photo SAM_1663_zpsf11f688e.jpg

Limited Edition Martell VSOP being showcased 

 photo SAM_1735_zps9ce5c09a.jpg

Myself with Carmen

 photo SAM_1732_zps4ebedf8f.jpg

Elaine came to join me as well

As the event began to start, we were brought into Publika Square where we were able to experience the launch. The main highlight for the night was a fashion show brought together by the local designers, while we indulge in awesome gastronomic cuisine and Martell VSOP

I am glad that I'm one of the VIP's which allowed me to sit and dine with the rest. Others had to stand outside and watch the show =P 

 photo SAM_1665_zps198b8008.jpg

Fine dining at its best

 photo SAM_1669_zps4936971d.jpg

The Emcee, starting up the show

 photo SAM_1670_zps0cd879d2.jpg

The Martell Director sharing his thoughts

 photo SAM_1674_zps360c661b.jpg

Beatrice Looi officially starting the show

 photo SAM_1678_zpsfc392beb.jpg

Martell up close!

So of course as it started, We were served a 4 course fine dining experience which was really great on the palate. The food was distinctively crafted and made in such a way, it goes well with Martell itself, and has a great flavour to it 

As for starters, I had:

 photo SAM_1679_zpsaca90fec.jpg
Smoke muscovy duck with foie gras mousse, shitake mushroom terrine red onion jam, grilled korean "bae"

I'm really a big fan of foie gras (yes eventhough i know the process of how its made) and I would really say the foiegras mousse served just melted in my mouth and the smoke duck was great

 photo SAM_1685_zpsa669e146.jpg
Kelantanese laksa, hokkaido scallop, sambal twist, quail egg and ulam julliene

It had a really nice texture to the soup itself and with the scallop, it made everything better

 photo SAM_1694_zps5b2a00ef.jpg
24 hours at 77 degrees, beef rib with glazed carrots and shimeji mushrooms 

The beef was so tender that you could even use a spoon to just slice it. the sauce really accommodated it well too

 photo SAM_1714_zpsc266d38b.jpg
Sesame Sorbet with Compressed Melons, yogurt cream candied walnut macaroon, anjou pear

Tell me who can say no to macaroons? and the sesame sorbet was delightful

As the food was served, the fashion show started by showcasing some of the works from the local designers

 photo SAM_1702_zps382101b2.jpg

 photo 1_zpsedc4aa8f.jpg

 photo 2_zps9758b1b6.jpg

 photo SAM_1716_zps7265db61.jpg
Amber Chia as one of the celebrity models

 photo SAM_1722_zpsca0bb70c.jpg
Some of Martell's collection

 photo SAM_1727_zps1d1b7c50.jpg
All the designers up on stage.

After the fashion show was over, it wasn't the end of the event. DJ Nadine came on to stage where she spun great music for the invited guest that were happily socializing with awesome Martell VSOP

 photo elegantology_zpsac0fb559.jpg

*picture credit to Kelvin Soh

All in all, I definitely think Elegantology is a great place to be. Do take some time off and see their collections, or just dine in to a spectacular experience!

You can also check out their FB page at: or head over to

Friday, May 24, 2013

Awesome Dessert! Halo-halo!

I'm updating live from the Philippines. I've reached Manila a few hours back, and I received my first VISA challenge. I was given a VISA prepaid card with 20,000 pesos reloaded in it. and I'm on the hunt for something to eat!

The challenge was:

look for this popular Filipino summer dessert of mixed beans, fruits and jellies with saved ice and milk, then topped with creme caramel and ube ice cream. You may find this well loved thirst-quencher on the streets, malls, restaurants, or even in fast food joints.

After doing a little research on the internet and asking some of the Filipino locals here, I concluded that it must be the dessert "Halo-Halo" as it matched all the criteria

I headed over to the ATM to withdraw some money using the prepaid card, and headed over to the food court at a shopping complex nearby.

 photo DSC_0230_zpsd7b4f7dc.jpg
Withdrawing money

 photo DSC_0235_zps6aeb9807.jpg
4,000 pesos! woohoo!

 photo DSC_0278_zpsd96c1c22.jpg
Yeaps, I've got another 16,000 left!

 photo DSC_0270_zpsa802604a.jpg

For  96 pesos, I bought my first Halo-halo! With this scorching weather over here, It is definitely the best dessert to accompany as its so refreshing and cool

 photo DSC_0269_zps35c20e1c.jpg
handing over the money =D

 photo DSC_0275_zps596b9352.jpg

I'll be updating soon on my other adventures!

Thank You VISA for giving me this opportunity!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flashing at my Graduation!

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After 4 and a half years of suffering in Taylor's University & University of Toulouse II - Le Mirail, it finally comes down to this day. The day of GRADUATION! All the hard work and trouble we've been through has come to an end as we finally get our certificates which says we've obtained our bachelors! 

Of course I would want to thank my family definitely as they've been helping me throughout all my years, and also to my beloved lecturers which i treasure most *you know who you are*

 photo DSC_0001_zpsa4ce6242.jpg
With my Mum & Sister

 photo 944673_167978026703627_1500298420_n_zpsfbf6c8e6.jpg
With my Dad

 photo DSC_0047_zps5e1d8642.jpg
Mr Patrick!

 photo DSC_0058_zps23604415.jpg
Ms Jasmine & the 4 Batangs

 photo 941920_10151581809904410_1807196846_n_zpsf7e02184.jpg
That is how many hospitality students were graduating that day! 

and well, as of every Graduation Post, Its just full with pictures of all my beloved friends! I love you guys! 

 photo DSC_0011_zpsc452910a.jpg
The adorable Nonii

 photo DSC_0049_zps79b96d95.jpg
The lovely Eunice

 photo DSC_0202_zpsc42dcbaa.jpg
My "wife" Geralyn

 photo DSC_0078_zps7555fd1a.jpg
My "daughter" Celestine

 photo DSC_0063_zps38b2beb8.jpg
Chung & Ewen

 photo DSC_0090_zps19022808.jpg
Melvin & Joshua

 photo DSC_0097_zpse91cdb7c.jpg
The "NAZI"rah & Chung

 photo DSC_0073_zpse4390b3b.jpg
Kah Wai, Eunice, Celestine & Joshua

 photo DSC_0103_zps0f1e4bb2.jpg
Chung, "Valedictorian" Samantha, Eunice & I

 photo DSC_0204_zpsbafac71e.jpg
The Nutjob Benedict

 photo DSC_0205_zpsb9f942cd.jpg
Meijuin & I

Some Hat Tossing!

 photo anigif2_zpse949005e.gif
Tossing my hat away!

 photo anigif1_zps1e9a7855.gif
Joshua tossing his hat away

and more pictures!
 photo DSC_0145_zpsf7992479.jpg
Joshua, Evon & Mervyn

 photo DSC_0054_zpsb3895d8f.jpg
We'll never change =D the 4 Batangs!

 photo DSC_0107_zps4b0fdff4.jpg
Spacing out on what to do next

So then, we decided to.....

 photo DSC_0177_zpsc62a7026.jpg
Get Ready....

 photo DSC_0180_zpsc76546f4.jpg

 photo DSC_0174_zpsa87888be.jpg

and the ultimate Flash ever!

 photo 4_zps0f4b963f.jpg

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Some family pictures:

 photo DSC_0016_zpsa2a376bc.jpg
Sze Thien & Family

 photo DSC_0088_zps332a1210.jpg
Kah Wai & Family

 photo DSC_0021_zpsc8c6adae.jpg
Evon & Family

And to the last few photos that day

 photo DSC_0210_zps8d0d1e23.jpg
Some random photo

 photo DSC_0215_zps57d5b928.jpg
The last group picture

and some super random picture...

 photo DSC_0223_zps4d9327b8.jpg
Joshua "lighting up" his scroll

You guys made my world for the past years in uni. I'll never forget the moments we had!