Why is ChatOn better?

I wrote about ChatOn a while back, and I’m definitely loving it. In the last post, i wrote about some of its functions, and as I’m getting to try out more functions, I got to know the application even better!

In my view, why is ChatOn better compared to the rest of the communication apps? Well I’ll just give a few examples

1) You have an awesome profile page. You can customize it to whatever you want

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-13-59-50_zps3b171227.png

2) You can access ChatOn online too! When you’re at your desktop or laptop, it makes it easier especially when you’re working

 photo 2_zps379f1d73.jpg

3) Animessages can be done easily with a stylus. Draw out your words, or emotions!

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-13-59-18_zps56291e9e.png

4) You can capture photos, and its preloaded with filters. So you wouldn’t need to use other apps to edit your pictures before sending

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-14-01-26_zps7858b31a.png

5) It has a “trunk” system which is a digital dropbox, so when you receive images or sounds, it’s all stored over there and it won’t fill up your phone memory

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-14-01-50_zps70827b90.png

That’s my take for now. What are your favourite features of ChatOn? =)