Kicking off to the Heineken Ibiza Final!

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Football fans! There is a party not to be missed! Heineken is kicking off to the UEFA Champions League Final with the Heineken Ibiza Final! Its celebrating the 7th year  where Heineken is sponsoring the UEFA Champions league! Why Ibiza? It’s the party capital of the world!

Honestly I can’t wait for it as well, its Heineken! They never failed to give an awesome party in the past. Try to think of it, Heineken Thirst, Heineken Red & Green Celebrations and much more, They always have the best music and activities planned out for us.

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As for this time, 80 lucky football fans will be invited to participate in the Heineken Ibiza Finale Challenge where they will be displaying their skills through a combination of charm, imagination, and inventiveness to be rewarded with the ultimate football and music experience!

Happening on the 27th April, Its happening at a secret location only known to winners. Make sure you get your invites there either through Facebook/Twitter or by buying a 24 pack / 2 buckets / 8 glasses of Heineken and using its secret code!

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Its easy as that! 

Get more details at Heineken’s Facebook page ( and all participating Heineken outlets in Malaysia