I won the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger Contest!

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Some of you may have seen the hype that I was posting around Facebook a week back, If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Cebu Pacific Airlines hosted a contest where I made a very *ehheemmm* lame video on my interpretation of the Cebu Pacific Airlines air hostess dance.

Whats the greatest part? I WON IT!

During the process of the video, i actually watched all the other participants videos to check what they're lacking. mostly doing just 1 or 2 steps of the air hostess safety briefing, I decided to perform the whole routine. 

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Since i can dance a lil, I knew that something else needed to spark off my video, so i decided to take the "lame" approach to make people laugh and go "OH MY GODDDD, WHY SAM WHYY???" and also to play with the elements of Fire & Water to excite my video

If you have not checked it out, you can watch it here:

Thanks to a great number of votes from the ones who helped me out, I managed to place my position on top, which allowed the judges to judge my video among the other top videos! and which in the end, I managed to become the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger! 


And not only that, I'm the first Cebu Pacific Airlines Blogger Ambassador! How awesome is that? THE FIRST!!!

So what did I win from this contest?

4 fully paid trips to Philippines! inclusive of flight tickets and accommodation! That means I'm heading to Manila, Cebu, Clark & Iloilo with awesome accommodation sponsored by Agoda.com! 

Whats more, I get 500 USD per trip for shopping! all thanks to VISA for sponsoring the shopping money!  *now I can finally be like the movie "White Chicks" saying "We're gonna goooooo SHOOOPPPINNGGG!!!!!!*

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To sum it up, I'm finding the dates which I can finally head there *since i started work, my time is not that flexible anymore*

I wanna thank Everyone who helped me out in this contest, I love you all! and also to Cebu Pacific Airlines for hosting such an awesome contest!

I'll be flying there soon! 


Huai Bin said…
Hey congrats buddy! :)

I've flown Cebu Pacific before, from Manila to Boracay, had a very positive experience coz the cabin crew was dancing during the safety briefing and had a contest halfway through the flight.

I didn't know what they were talking about (Tagalog) but one stewardess noticed me taking photos and asked me a question in English and I won one of the prizes too.

Great service and cheerful crew! :)
Samuel C said…
ahha thx bro!

Can't wait to actually experience it =)
Anonymous said…
That's cool! Congratulation! Enjoy the Holiday Trips :)