Finally! the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched!

The day we've been all waiting for has come to pass! The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been revealed and now available for us! Unlike a normal "launching" that happens at conference halls, Samsung decided to take it up a notch this time by creating a carnival theme.

Samsung started off by heading to 4 separate locations, to meet each different telco, namely Celcom, Digi, Umobile & Maxis. I managed to head to pyramid where Digi was granted the rights to sell the Samsung Galaxy S4. 

 photo DSC_0936_zps2ce59f8d.jpg

 photo DSC_0940_zpsdcda9cde.jpg
Samsung showgirls!

 photo DSC_0942_zps04b2665f.jpg
Local Celebrities with the Samsung Galaxy S4

 photo DSC_0960_zps30333868.jpg
MD of Samsung, Mr Kwon Jae Hoon giving the rights to Digi's rep

 photo DSC_0982_zpsf15b9c05.jpg
The new Samsung Galaxy S4

Getting to see the new S4 got me excited! and i headed over to Lowyat where the grand launching was going to be held at. The carnival arrived and it was quite a big parade! Having a drumline to secure the beat, Cheerleaders to hype the crowd, and jesters & clowns to make people laugh (or cry LOL), Lowyat was packed to the brim!

more than that, the Samsung concept truck came over too where users were able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4 to test all the functions out! 

 photo DSC_1006_zpsdc5a6930.jpg
Check out the crowd at the Samsung Outlet! Crazy packed!

 photo DSC_1012_zps340c37e3.jpg
The Drumline bringing down the beat!

 photo DSC_1018_zpsc4127381.jpg
Nath, Yeeing & Elvina with the carnival peeps

 photo DSC_1023_zpsb9240add.jpg
Samsung Galaxy S4 babeh!

 photo DSC_1027_zps97e6cc80.jpg
Yeeing with some other carnival peeps!

 photo DSC_1033_zpscdb243c9.jpg
Isabel, Yeeing, Michelle & Kah Mon

 photo DSC_1035_zpsd268e2bb.jpg
Camwhore pic with the bloggers

 photo DSC_1043_zps7d02915b.jpg
The Samsung Truck!

Following the hype of everything, there was a performance by one of Malaysia's best dance crews, the winners of showdown!

 photo DSC_1062_zps51b73fdc.jpg
 photo DSC_1068_zpse3681298.jpg

And soon after their performance, appeared a  combining of plenty of people to bring dance moves from Psy's "Gentleman"

 photo anigif2_zpscecd1715.gif

 photo anigif1_zps25767f4a.gif

Some group pictures of the performers:

 photo DSC_1037_zps6daf3046.jpg
The drummers

 photo DSC_1048_zps18f123d0.jpg
The Chiya-leaders!

and of course, for the main event itself, The S4 is finally launched to the public! Everyone could try getting their hands on the S4, and tried out all the coolest and latest features it had

 photo DSC_0058_zpsf138a0f3.jpg
The Samsung Galaxy S4

 photo DSC_0064_zps1fae61f6.jpg
Hands on time!

 photo DSC_1024_zps39dfdc8c.jpg
Awesome covers to go with the S4

What I loved most about it:

 photo dualshot_zpsa61b5385.jpg
The dual camera feature where we can capture images and videos from both sides. and of course, with 13mp on the back camera and 2mp on the front, colours come out greater and nicer!

 photo groupplay_zps186d70cc.jpg

Group play, where you can have 8 phones synced together blasting the same song! *we can have our own party with just our phones

If you haven't tried it out yet, you better do as you'll be amazed! I can't wait till I have one in my possession =D