ChatOn for me!

Communication is a very important thing to me, whether it is for work or leisure. How can anyone live life without communication anyway? It'll be a dead stick definitely!

If you're a smartphone user, you definitely will have multiple kinds of communication apps on your device. As for me, some have already failed me where texts are not delivered, delay in servers, etc. 

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I got to know a new app called ChatOn. It can be used on Android, Apple or any symbian based phone. So if you do have a smartphone, do check it out! And whats good? its FREEEEE

So one thing thats great about it, I get to text, send voice clips, videos and anything you can think off just in one app. And of course, plenty of my friends are using it, and it is much faster and more efficient compared to the other communication apps i use

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The interface

As for me, text messages can be rather dry at times, so one good thing about this app is, you can download Anicon & stamps, which will make your chats more alive! 

To me, it excites things, and also is able to send your current "emotions" when words just cant write em down. Check it out:

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-15-02-30-44_zpsfe7dd2eb.png

and as for more personal messages, where I need my voice to be present, so that the message will not be deciphered in another tone, Voice messages takes its place and makes everything much easier

I definitely think this will be able to make communications worth while and of course, miss communications will seldom happen.

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-15-02-45-22_zps7d9458ab.png

More than that, I'm able to download lots of templates, anicons, stamps and everything that I want. making my texts much more livelier. And it is just as simple as per click of a button

 photo chatz_zps28338f16.jpg

Yeaps that is just probably a fraction of what they have in store!

If you really want something new and worthwhile, do download the app at Google Play / App store. its free and well, it never let me down!