Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why is ChatOn better?

I wrote about ChatOn a while back, and I’m definitely loving it. In the last post, i wrote about some of its functions, and as I’m getting to try out more functions, I got to know the application even better!

In my view, why is ChatOn better compared to the rest of the communication apps? Well I’ll just give a few examples

1) You have an awesome profile page. You can customize it to whatever you want

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-13-59-50_zps3b171227.png

2) You can access ChatOn online too! When you’re at your desktop or laptop, it makes it easier especially when you’re working

 photo 2_zps379f1d73.jpg

3) Animessages can be done easily with a stylus. Draw out your words, or emotions!

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-13-59-18_zps56291e9e.png

4) You can capture photos, and its preloaded with filters. So you wouldn’t need to use other apps to edit your pictures before sending

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-14-01-26_zps7858b31a.png

5) It has a “trunk” system which is a digital dropbox, so when you receive images or sounds, it’s all stored over there and it won’t fill up your phone memory

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-29-14-01-50_zps70827b90.png

That’s my take for now. What are your favourite features of ChatOn? =)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally! the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched!

The day we've been all waiting for has come to pass! The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been revealed and now available for us! Unlike a normal "launching" that happens at conference halls, Samsung decided to take it up a notch this time by creating a carnival theme.

Samsung started off by heading to 4 separate locations, to meet each different telco, namely Celcom, Digi, Umobile & Maxis. I managed to head to pyramid where Digi was granted the rights to sell the Samsung Galaxy S4. 

 photo DSC_0936_zps2ce59f8d.jpg

 photo DSC_0940_zpsdcda9cde.jpg
Samsung showgirls!

 photo DSC_0942_zps04b2665f.jpg
Local Celebrities with the Samsung Galaxy S4

 photo DSC_0960_zps30333868.jpg
MD of Samsung, Mr Kwon Jae Hoon giving the rights to Digi's rep

 photo DSC_0982_zpsf15b9c05.jpg
The new Samsung Galaxy S4

Getting to see the new S4 got me excited! and i headed over to Lowyat where the grand launching was going to be held at. The carnival arrived and it was quite a big parade! Having a drumline to secure the beat, Cheerleaders to hype the crowd, and jesters & clowns to make people laugh (or cry LOL), Lowyat was packed to the brim!

more than that, the Samsung concept truck came over too where users were able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4 to test all the functions out! 

 photo DSC_1006_zpsdc5a6930.jpg
Check out the crowd at the Samsung Outlet! Crazy packed!

 photo DSC_1012_zps340c37e3.jpg
The Drumline bringing down the beat!

 photo DSC_1018_zpsc4127381.jpg
Nath, Yeeing & Elvina with the carnival peeps

 photo DSC_1023_zpsb9240add.jpg
Samsung Galaxy S4 babeh!

 photo DSC_1027_zps97e6cc80.jpg
Yeeing with some other carnival peeps!

 photo DSC_1033_zpscdb243c9.jpg
Isabel, Yeeing, Michelle & Kah Mon

 photo DSC_1035_zpsd268e2bb.jpg
Camwhore pic with the bloggers

 photo DSC_1043_zps7d02915b.jpg
The Samsung Truck!

Following the hype of everything, there was a performance by one of Malaysia's best dance crews, the winners of showdown!

 photo DSC_1062_zps51b73fdc.jpg
 photo DSC_1068_zpse3681298.jpg

And soon after their performance, appeared a  combining of plenty of people to bring dance moves from Psy's "Gentleman"

 photo anigif2_zpscecd1715.gif

 photo anigif1_zps25767f4a.gif

Some group pictures of the performers:

 photo DSC_1037_zps6daf3046.jpg
The drummers

 photo DSC_1048_zps18f123d0.jpg
The Chiya-leaders!

and of course, for the main event itself, The S4 is finally launched to the public! Everyone could try getting their hands on the S4, and tried out all the coolest and latest features it had

 photo DSC_0058_zpsf138a0f3.jpg
The Samsung Galaxy S4

 photo DSC_0064_zps1fae61f6.jpg
Hands on time!

 photo DSC_1024_zps39dfdc8c.jpg
Awesome covers to go with the S4

What I loved most about it:

 photo dualshot_zpsa61b5385.jpg
The dual camera feature where we can capture images and videos from both sides. and of course, with 13mp on the back camera and 2mp on the front, colours come out greater and nicer!

 photo groupplay_zps186d70cc.jpg

Group play, where you can have 8 phones synced together blasting the same song! *we can have our own party with just our phones

If you haven't tried it out yet, you better do as you'll be amazed! I can't wait till I have one in my possession =D

Monday, April 22, 2013

Can't wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4!

 photo galaxys4_zps76f71746.jpg

The hype has been going on for some time on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Honestly, I’m really excited for it myself! Everytime Samsung comes out with a new product, it gets better and better! Look at the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 for example, it’s a worldwide hit!

We only got glimpses of the teasers shown online from the launch in New York, but it has definitely gotten my attention. You can check out one of its online promos here:

As Samsung is always with its creativity, the teasers were pretty epic when a string quartet and some acapella singers headed off to the streets to bring excitement to the public.

 photo s4choir_zpsd8d27333.jpg
Their performance at The Curve

I’m a Samsung Galaxy S3 user, and well, you might be wondering what is new with the Samsung Galaxy S4. In a direct view, there ain't much to compare with. Check out the picture:

  photo comparison_zpscff13e4c.jpg

Probably what you can only see is the 4.8 inch screen expanding to the 5 inch screen. But well, the difference is not outside but inside! I’m gonna tell you peeps a few factors which I think is superb on the Galaxy S4

Speed is one of the main factors! The Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with a Quad-core 1.6GHz Cortex A-15 & Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex A7! Just imagine that kind of speed inside your phone? Its freaking superb! *okay I’m getting a little too technical here

 photo battery_zps948b677c.jpg

One of the main things that I love is the battery life. My Samsung S3 is able to get me through the day, but when it’s late at night, it’s pretty much depleted, as it runs on a 2100 mAH battery

The Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on a 2600 mAH battery and it definitely will give it a boost for its time. That is just about 500 mAH lower compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note II!

 photo corning-gorilla-glass_zpsd7066d77.jpg

Everyone has the worries of cracking the phone screen. So the new improvement from the Samsung Galaxy S3, is that it’s using the latest Gorilla Glass 3 compared to the S3 which uses the Gorilla Glass 2.  *of course I won’t simply throw my phone on the floor for fun*

More than that, the camera is now upgraded to a 13 mp camera and a 2mp front facing camera!

 photo wirelesscharging_zpsb1fbad16.jpg

Last but not least, the accessories that I can get for my Samsung Galaxy S4! I definitely want to get the wireless charger! How cool is that? Leave your phone on top of the charger, and it charges!

I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on it! Stay tuned as I definitely will be updating on the Samsung Galaxy S4!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kicking off to the Heineken Ibiza Final!

 photo 2_HeinekenIbizaExperienceb_zpsa25069cb.jpg

Football fans! There is a party not to be missed! Heineken is kicking off to the UEFA Champions League Final with the Heineken Ibiza Final! Its celebrating the 7th year  where Heineken is sponsoring the UEFA Champions league! Why Ibiza? It’s the party capital of the world!

Honestly I can’t wait for it as well, its Heineken! They never failed to give an awesome party in the past. Try to think of it, Heineken Thirst, Heineken Red & Green Celebrations and much more, They always have the best music and activities planned out for us.

 photo 5_IbizaBeach_zpsfe5d7f8c.jpg

 photo 4_AmnesiaIbiza_zpsf77bfa62.jpg 

As for this time, 80 lucky football fans will be invited to participate in the Heineken Ibiza Finale Challenge where they will be displaying their skills through a combination of charm, imagination, and inventiveness to be rewarded with the ultimate football and music experience!

Happening on the 27th April, Its happening at a secret location only known to winners. Make sure you get your invites there either through Facebook/Twitter or by buying a 24 pack / 2 buckets / 8 glasses of Heineken and using its secret code!

 photo 3_KickofftoIbizaFBapp_zps37b5d66b.png
Its easy as that! 

Get more details at Heineken’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/heineken) and all participating Heineken outlets in Malaysia 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I won the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger Contest!

 photo juanblogger_zps7ba2a768.jpg

Some of you may have seen the hype that I was posting around Facebook a week back, If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Cebu Pacific Airlines hosted a contest where I made a very *ehheemmm* lame video on my interpretation of the Cebu Pacific Airlines air hostess dance.

Whats the greatest part? I WON IT!

During the process of the video, i actually watched all the other participants videos to check what they're lacking. mostly doing just 1 or 2 steps of the air hostess safety briefing, I decided to perform the whole routine. 

 photo DSC_0096_zpsfeab476f.jpg

Since i can dance a lil, I knew that something else needed to spark off my video, so i decided to take the "lame" approach to make people laugh and go "OH MY GODDDD, WHY SAM WHYY???" and also to play with the elements of Fire & Water to excite my video

If you have not checked it out, you can watch it here:

Thanks to a great number of votes from the ones who helped me out, I managed to place my position on top, which allowed the judges to judge my video among the other top videos! and which in the end, I managed to become the Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger! 


And not only that, I'm the first Cebu Pacific Airlines Blogger Ambassador! How awesome is that? THE FIRST!!!

So what did I win from this contest?

4 fully paid trips to Philippines! inclusive of flight tickets and accommodation! That means I'm heading to Manila, Cebu, Clark & Iloilo with awesome accommodation sponsored by Agoda.com! 

Whats more, I get 500 USD per trip for shopping! all thanks to VISA for sponsoring the shopping money!  *now I can finally be like the movie "White Chicks" saying "We're gonna goooooo SHOOOPPPINNGGG!!!!!!*

 photo DSC_0926_zpsc123760b.jpg

To sum it up, I'm finding the dates which I can finally head there *since i started work, my time is not that flexible anymore*

I wanna thank Everyone who helped me out in this contest, I love you all! and also to Cebu Pacific Airlines for hosting such an awesome contest!

I'll be flying there soon! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

ChatOn for me!

Communication is a very important thing to me, whether it is for work or leisure. How can anyone live life without communication anyway? It'll be a dead stick definitely!

If you're a smartphone user, you definitely will have multiple kinds of communication apps on your device. As for me, some have already failed me where texts are not delivered, delay in servers, etc. 

 photo chatonlogo_zpsb0bae7ea.jpg

I got to know a new app called ChatOn. It can be used on Android, Apple or any symbian based phone. So if you do have a smartphone, do check it out! And whats good? its FREEEEE

So one thing thats great about it, I get to text, send voice clips, videos and anything you can think off just in one app. And of course, plenty of my friends are using it, and it is much faster and more efficient compared to the other communication apps i use

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-15-02-29-54_zpsbc529306.png
The interface

As for me, text messages can be rather dry at times, so one good thing about this app is, you can download Anicon & stamps, which will make your chats more alive! 

To me, it excites things, and also is able to send your current "emotions" when words just cant write em down. Check it out:

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-15-02-30-44_zpsfe7dd2eb.png

and as for more personal messages, where I need my voice to be present, so that the message will not be deciphered in another tone, Voice messages takes its place and makes everything much easier

I definitely think this will be able to make communications worth while and of course, miss communications will seldom happen.

 photo Screenshot_2013-04-15-02-45-22_zps7d9458ab.png

More than that, I'm able to download lots of templates, anicons, stamps and everything that I want. making my texts much more livelier. And it is just as simple as per click of a button

 photo chatz_zps28338f16.jpg

Yeaps that is just probably a fraction of what they have in store!

If you really want something new and worthwhile, do download the app at Google Play / App store. its free and well, it never let me down!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Upcoming Legend Fighting Championship

Hey Peeps, some of you may know, I’ve started working full time. One thing for sure, work does take a lot of time off my schedule, and sometimes it is hard to even make time for myself. As always, I’ll try to occupy my free time with events or shows to ensure that I feel I’m living my life to the fullest

If you’re bored with work, why not head over for something different? The Legend Fighting Championship makes Malaysia’s debut at the Chinwoo Stadium on the 27th April 2013. Honestly, I do not know anything about fighting and mix martial arts, but well this is something new to me, and definitely I want to experience it!

What’s happening at the Legend Fighting Championship? There will be 12 action packed fights awaiting you!

 photo Fight009_Highlights_003_zps05fa072a.jpg

As for the main event, Legend Lightweight Champion, Jadamba Narantungalag from Mongolia, defending his title agains’t Japan’s Koji “The Commander” Ando and his devastating gappling and ground and pound game

Other than that, there’ll be another 2 co-main events: China’s “The Execution” Ji Xian and Filipino knock out artist Agustin “Tamasak” Delarmino will be battling it out for the Legend Bantamweight Title while the 2nd co-main event will feature China’s top welterweight Li “The Leech” Jingliang, who looks to claim the Welter weight Title against Luke Jumeau, a great fighter from New Zealand

 photo Fight007_Highlights_001_zps8cfd490b.jpg

As for our Malaysian fighters, Muhammad Hanif Bin Zainal & Sam Chan will be looking to use the home advantage to further rise as contenders in their respective classes

If this interests you or if you want to try out something out of your ordinary, head over to the Legend Fighting Championship!

You can get your tickets through Airasia Redtix at: http://www.airasiaredtix.com/Events/LegendFightingChampionship/.

For more information, visit the Legend Fighting Championship website at: www.legendfc.com

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WeChat 2013 Party!

Hey peeps! Sorry for the lack of updates, I've just started a new job, hence the busy-ness. Am trying to adjust my clock to the right timing, and also to make time for everything else. Sometimes its great being a freelancer, where you have a lot more free time, but well, still need to have a way of putting bread on the table =)

 photo DSC_0029_zps50242ccf.jpg

So getting back to life, WeChat, one of the world's most famous communication service, has held another party at Neverland, Kuala Lumpur. Since its launch last year at Velvet Underground at Zouk Kuala Lumpur, WeChat did grow tremendously in Malaysia with a great number. You can check out last year's launch at: http://bit.ly/LHu8s1

Rushing from work, I reach there slightly late, but well, I manage to bump into Lisa on the way in. We caught up with each other, gossiped a bit and well, we were in the club itself! And better yet, there was a photo booth to capture the moment of us together!

 photo DSC_0072_zps3ad8ccd7.jpg
Lisa & I

 photo DSC_0018_zpsab39b2d1.jpg
Capturing the moments

The launch started with an opening dance, I would say, they are pretty decent dancers, but they would need more time on choreography & synchronization *God why am I such a critic* 

 photo DSC_0019_zps9555893e.jpg

 photo DSC_0025_zps1efb26ec.jpg

Something Special we got to know that night, Local celebrities and WeChat Ambassadors Lisa Surihani & Shaheizy Sam now star in the latest WeChat TVC for the Malaysian market! Go check it out:

After the dance performance, Dinner was served, with other singers taking the stage, entertaining the crowd. On the sidelines, there were games being held, where there were plenty of WeChat goodies to be given away, and of course, A brand new iPad for the main prize!

 photo DSC_0052_zpsdfb1716c.jpg
Awi Rafael entertaining the crowd

 photo DSC_0035_zps29700d0f.jpg
can't remember what's this singers name

 photo 1_zpsce549f00.jpg

 photo DSC_0045_zps51a84561.jpg
Nelson being the ladies man!

 photo DSC_0057_zps8334b05f.jpg
Joanna, Samantha, Simon & I

 photo DSC_0062_zps5529cf4c.jpg
Ryan, Yeeing, Myself & Sandy

 photo DSC_0077_zps67d36ac8.jpg
Sykogroove on the decks!

 photo 2_zpsba62e71c.jpg
Other group pictures

 photo DSC_0063_zps5cc2593a.jpg
Yeeing, Tammy & Sandy

 photo DSC_0083_zps204b2595.jpg
Careen, Gladys & I

At the end of the night, We were all given a cute lil' WeChat Plushie!

 photo 20130402_223400_zps6ad4389c.jpg

Adorable huh? Now I have another green plushie in my car! Woot woot!

If you haven't gotten to know WeChat yet, You can download it easily on Apple or Android! Search it up!