Physically Abused in Singapore

Going for another vacation, I chose to head to Singapore to settle a few errands and to get some time off the busy life of Kuala Lumpur. in which..I got abused over there..

HAHA okay I didn't get physically abused in Singapore. But definitely did get Physically ABused there. You'll get what I mean in a moment =)

 photo SAM_1364_zpsc59c1ac9.jpg

I was invited to a Zumba Class at Physical ABuse gym @ Clarke Quay by Community Sports. Community Sports is a group where it emphasizes that Bloggers can also keep fit while during their daily routines. You can check them out at

It was a great opportunity for me to check on how Singaporean Bloggers work and well, it was a great honour to be the only Malaysian there!

Check out the Gym facilities! its pretty small, but with a full range of equipment and classes!

 photo SAM_1376_zps2045a926.jpg

Funny thing, I was like one of the only guys in the class. Scary as Zumba is something new to me. It is a combination of dance and aerobics, where you can pretty much work out a bunch of calories during an hour session

 photo SAM_1367_zpsa66da723.jpg

Honestly, Zumba is VERY EASY to follow as the steps are pretty basic and is quite repetitive. So even though you're a fresh beginner, it is easy to follow and pick up the moves just on your first try.

Being one of the only guys over there, it was eye candy too, to see pretty young bloggers & ladies working out to the beat! *now i sound like some sick perverted uncle haha*

Some pictures from the workout:

 photo SAM_1370_zps01b42ee8.jpg
Ying Zi & I during the session

 photo SAM_1356_zps91cb6a52.jpg

 photo SAM_1347_zps86e8b1de.jpg

 photo SAM_1345_zps32657927.jpg

Here is a video of how it was like:

after the tiring session, We managed to get a group shot of the Community Sports peeps with the bloggers

 photo SAM_1366_zpse9728137.jpg
The Group Picture

Well other than getting physically abused in Singapore, one of my other goals was to eat the Yummylicious food in Singapore. I would say, it is a new adventure every time as I'll head to different restaurants to try out their cuisine!

as for starters, Singaporean Char Kuay Teow is a little different compared to Malaysian Char Kuay Teow. To me, it has a slightly oilier texture, and the flat noodles are much bigger in size. Also with the usage of Pork sausages and fats during the cooking, the aroma and taste is improved by it. But of course, I do love a certain Malaysian Char Kuay Teow at Restaurant OK, TTDI, Selangor as it is still the best Char Kuay Teow I've ever eaten.

 photo SAM_1330_zps9165c826.jpg
Char Kuay Teow at a Food court at Bedok North Road. SGD 3$

I also managed to check out some of the cafes, and one of them that I really liked was Ice Edge Cafe. Their main product would be Gelato, and is located at Simon Plaza, Kovan Road.

Managed to try some of their main courses, where I would say their mushroom soup is great, and I had their fish and chips, which was a little too peppery, but still the texture and taste were good. My set costed me about SGD 18$ if I was not mistaken with an Ice Lemon Tea

 photo SAM_1335_zps63a3b209.jpg
Mushroom Soup & Minestrone Soup

 photo SAM_1336_zps61aa9ffc.jpg
Fish & Chips

well last but not least, One of my favourites which I haven't eaten in a long time, Japanese Yakitori from Tori Q, Takashimaya @ Orchard Road. I used to get these delicacies when I would travel to Singapore with my family back then, probably 7 years ago? A stick goes from SGD 1$ and you can have the additions of rice, etc

 photo SAM_1387_zps3e929bdb.jpg
This rice box costed me SGD 5$ which was pretty decent to me. 2 skewers of pork and a skewer of chicken

I guess that's all for this post, and I'll be hunting for more yummylicious food soon! Stay tuned! 


Cutebun said…
Nice! I bet you enjoyed the physical abuse. XD
Samuel C said…
haha it was tiring LOL
Wilson Ng said…
So nice go singapore!