Hennessy Kyrios launch at Butter Factory

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Cheerrss to the Freakking weekend... lalalalalahhhhh 

Okay i guess I was a little high on that! I've got a week left of freedom before my new job starts, so pretty much I'm trying to make the best out of it! 

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Last Thursday, I was able to attend the launching of the Hennessy Kyrios at Butter Factory courtesy of Don Chan from Manoah Consultancy & Hennessy themselves. Being a great fan of Hennessy, I wouldn't want to miss any of their events, whether it is a launching or the H-artistry itself

If you're wondering what is Hennessy Kyrios? it is the 3rd limited edition bottle in the series, following the Hennessy Helios & Hennessy NYX. So as for this bottle, It is known as the guardian of the codes, and well I love it because its BLACK in colour!

Heading to the event itself, A massive group of bloggers came to the party too! So it was an awesome night as, first up, There is free flow of Hennessy Kyrios, and also, we could dance and party through the night with the spinning of B.A.T.E, Mr Nasty & Guruguru, and guest DJ, DJ Cookie!

lets head to the loads of photos that night!

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Hennessy Privilege Collection!

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The Hennessy Kyrios

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B.A.T.E on the decks

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Kah Mon, Jiayeen, Jackie & Myself

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Chriz Ooi & I smoking it up!

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The adorable Su Ting. So Chioo la you =D

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DJ Cookie on the decks

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Pamela & Rama ~ Nathaniel, Yukiko & Su Ting
 Xin Ee, Joshua & Friend ~ Ernest & Friend

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Kah Mon & Aris

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Joanna ~ Jiayeen
Kimee ~ Charissa

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Charissa & Sam ~ Marilyn & Friend
Mandy & Isabella ~ Evelyn

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Evelyn ~ Charissa & Friends

To end the night, A photo of Su Ting, Jaz & Myself!

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last but not least, Wanna thank Don & Hennessy for inviting me over! Can't wait for the next Hennessy Party!