Getting up close with Psy, Rita Ora, Fun and more at Future Music Festival Asia!

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If you have read my previous post on A State Of Trance (ASOT) with Armin Van Buuren, The only thing that is happening next is Future Music Festival Asia!

Plenty of Artistes from around the world came to perform at the one time only spectacular event! and whats awesome about it? There are 4 stages of performances happening at the same time! so basically Everyone can head to the stages that they prefer!

Again, I was invited by Don Chan from Manoah Consultancy & Asahi Malaysia, being granted the full privileges that I had during ASOT the day before, which means, getting up close with the artistes, backstage passes, free flow of Asahi, VIP Cabanas & lounges and more!

As I headed over there with Joanna, We first met up with the other bloggers and also Donovan to further meet up with the Carlsberg Managing Director, Mr Soren Ravn. We managed to get some insights of whats about to happen, and of course, to party at the party of the year!

*this is going to be a long post

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Mr Soren Ravn & I with our Asahi!

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A group picture with the other bloggers, Jess Lee, Xiang, Joanna, Donovan, Calista & Nathalie

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managed to meet up with Leng Yein this time too!

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The DJ spinning at the Asahi VIP Lounge

So since it was a festival, we headed out to see some of the acts that we wanted to see. As for me, I was roaming around with my huge chunk of DSLR just to get some pretty decent shots. The only highlights of the night for me were Psy, Rita Ora & Fun.

But as for starters, I headed over to listen to Tenzin & Timmy Trumpet, and a performance by The Temper Trap

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Tenzin & Timmy Trumpet at the Prodigy stage. 
Now you know why he is called Timmy Trumpet LOL

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Temper trap during their performance

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Dougy Mandagi wooing the crowd!

 photo DSC_0307_zps0da5ec9f.jpg
Check out the amazing crowd!

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Alloysious and Candice at Temper Trap's performance

As evening turned to night, That's when the fun started! All the amazing line up that I was looking forward to started to come up on stage, and had a performance of a lifetime!

Starting up with Rita Ora, She had an amazing performance, despite the sound systems crashing 2 times. The crowd was supportive enough as the show went on!

Sad part was, I met her up in person, but her manager didn't allow me to take a picture with her Boo Hoo Hoo =(

but well, here are some pictures of Rita Ora in performance!

 photo DSC_0380_zpsa9f8049a.jpg

 photo DSC_0337_zps1093e317.jpg

 photo DSC_0383_zps33c95410.jpg

 photo DSC_0399_zps579a6c93.jpg
Calista & I during her performance 
*yes she's that short I had to carry her LOL*

After her performance, I headed back to the Media Tent to get some rest before Psy's and to my surprise, A girl named Estelle Kiora from Singapore came up to me and was like "Hey! You're the guy on Fire from the Cebu Juan Blogger Contest"

Honestly I was shocked that she could even recognize me, But i feel honoured getting to know another Juan Blogger contestant from Singapore now! Great to meet you Estelle!

 photo DSC_0403_zps8c575aac.jpg
Estelle Kiora & I

Other than that, I even had time to braid Calista's hair as it was MESSYYYYY *yes i was the cause of that too LOL*

 photo DSC_0593_zpsfc1d1156.jpg
Check it out! Tell me which guy will actually do this LOL

After all the rest, I headed back to the Flamingo Stage to go all Gangnam style with PSY! Yes PSY was in the houusseee and the whole stage was packed with fans dancing along to the horse riding dance! 

Psy announced, that this is his last tour for Gangnam Style, until his new song is released. How awesome is that? we got to see Gangnam style for the last time!

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 photo DSC_0427_zpsb8ec1b62.jpg

 photo DSC_0428_zps8eff6cfd.jpg

 photo DSC_0456_zps791c9bc6.jpg

After his performance, I joined Mr Soren Ravn, trying to catch Psy before he leaves, but sadly, he was just so fast with his whole crew, headed into the limo's, and left the stage area. Well its not like their managers will even let us take pictures with him LOL

As the intermission came along before the performance of Fun, I headed to the VIP First Class lounge with Don & Zana, to enjoy some Asahi & listen to the awesome beats the DJ was dropping in there! just imagine, a nice air conditioned place, with beers! best relaxation spot after Gangnam style!

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The DJ dropping the beat!

 photo DSC_0519_zps335941d3.jpg
Don & Zana

and as it came to Fun's performance, I headed back to the media pit to get some decent shots, and of course, sing "We Are Young" with them and everyone else! 

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 photo DSC_0533_zpsa9b82507.jpg

 photo DSC_0583_zpsb90e6ed1.jpg

 photo DSC_0592_zps9471d780.jpg

as the festival was nearing the end, The only highlight left was Prodigy! Honestly, I haven't heard of them, because well, they're not my time kinda music.

Punk Rock, Well something I could accept as I do like Screamo & Metal kinda songs, So we had an awesome headbanging session for a good 1 1/2 hours till the end of the night!

Sad part, I couldn't get any up close shots of them, as only 6 selected media's were allowed in the pit. Strict rules this time =( But other than that, This was the first time in a long time which i could literally shake my head off! 

 photo DSC_0597_zps966971ee.jpg
The Prodigy Stage

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Calista, Kah Mon & Joanna

 photo DSC_0601_zpsb8468f72.jpg
Joanna & I

 photo DSC_0614_zps40a13db5.jpg
Ryan & Calista headbanging themselves!

 photo DSC_0620_zps3499a682.jpg
met up with the crazy dude, Jason

 photo DSC_0618_zps595d4363.jpg
Lushan & friend 

and last but not least:

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The Bloggers Camwhore picture!

It was a crazy festival, totally outdid last year's FMFA. Its getting better and better every year! Definitely Can't wait for the next one! 

Once again, Thank you Don Chan & Asahi for inviting me there! 

*Photos were taken using a Nikon D90