Cebu Pacific Juan Blogger!

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Cebu Pacific, Philippines leading airlines has designed a new contest opened to Singaporean & Malaysian Bloggers! 

Most of you have already known Cebu Pacific Airways as its cabin crew dance during the safety briefing to passengers on board. Electrifying as always, it gets the passengers attention than those conventional safety briefings

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check it out here:

Since there is the hype on the dancing stewardess, the contest is going to be using elements of it! All you have to do is to dance to the Cebu Pacific jingle while doing your own safety demo!

First up, head over to:

Over there, you can download the Mp3, and upload your video on your safety demo there!

Here is mine, check it out! 

Yes I'm that lame! 

If you can, vote for me at the Gallery (Samuel Chew) at

I appreciate it very much!
If you're thinking, why go to great extents to join this contest? Its because the prizes are fantastic!

here are the list of prizes:

Grand prize: 
- 2 round trip tickets by Cebu Pacific to 4 Destinations in Philippines. 
- 3days/2nights accomodation for 2 by Agoda 
- USD 500$ allowance for each trip
- possibility of dance being featured by Cebu Pacific's safety demo crew in future flights

9 winners after the Grand Prize
- 2 round trip tickets from Kuala Lumpur - Cebu (Malaysian Bloggers)
- 2 round trip tickets from Singapore - Iloilo (Singaporean Bloggers)

how awesome is that? send in your entries now!