A State Of Trance with Armin Van Buuren!

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Trance lovers wouldn't have missed out on the special date which was 15th March 2013 as the Trance God himself, Armin Van Buuren brought A State Of Trance (ASOT) to Kuala Lumpur! Held at Sepang International Circuit, an amazing turnout of 30,000 trance lovers gathered to rave at this epic show! and Yes I SAID 30,000!!

ASOT was held the day before Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) where there would be plenty of artistes partying out with crazy fans from all around the region. So, there were plenty of carnival rides, games, food and a festival itself on the day ASOT was held

Courtesy of Don Chan from Manoah Consultancy & Asahi Malaysia, I was given the privilege to get VIP & Media passes to ASOT and FMFA. That means, Free flow of beer for me, VIP Zones & Cabanas for me, awesome backstage and up front stage access for me, I get to meet the artistes and way more!

I headed over to ASOT at about 6pm where Ben Gold was currently spinning on the stage. I managed to try out all the awesome games and booths around the festival area. and yeah, a lot of dancing and partying the whole night long! 

Here are some of the pictures that night! 

*all photos are taken using the Samsung Galaxy S3

 photo 20130315_183626_zps90b39f68.jpg
Calista, Don, Joanna & Myself

 photo 420079_10152681913565054_853012011_n_zps707b4764.jpg
Media Tag woohoo!

 photo 20130315_185835_zpsf305b984.jpg
The gastronomic centre where we could try out new cuisines!

 photo 20130315_184058_zps19ad1898.jpg
For VEESPPAHHH! There were 4 vespa's to be given out that night for the most creative photo! *sadly i didn't win it*

 photo IMG_0635_zpsa10d220f.jpg
Getting our picture taken at the "Smooth" zone

and after playing all the games, I managed to bring back a few souvenirs!

 photo 531560_10152680606495054_878500990_n_zpsac5468ec.jpg
A Ferrari Key Chain, a lighter, a key pendrive & a "Go For It" Capsule which has my hopes and dreams written inside

Oooh, Did i tell you that Asahi even gave us an awesome Media Centre where we could relax, interview and eat & drink ourselves away in there?

 photo 20130315_204135_zpsa482f9ac.jpg
Don & I getting our dose of Asahi!

3000 crates of Asahi were sold that night FYI. How crazy is that?

 photo 20130315_205048_zps86d57f43.jpg
Food being served!

 photo 20130315_205110_zpsd5d05d21.jpg
You'll never go tired with the amount of Red Bull there!

 photo 20130315_205311_zpsb2d823b9.jpg
Samantha getting some fun with Idarts

oooh, and guess what? I met Dawn Yang over there too! She's Prettyy!

 photo 556918_10151595126117474_1657759652_n_zpsc878de49.jpg
With Dawn Yang 
*picture credit to Nelson Teon

Heading back to ASOT,

me and the other bloggers were able to go up front to get some decent shots, but of course, only with my S3 that day

 photo 20130315_215333_zpse0a35364.jpg
Cosmic Gate rocking the stage!

 photo 20130315_194734_zps1feb59b4.jpg
Thats how packed it was!

 photo 20130315_195619_zpsf4bfe67f.jpg
Joanna & I raving ourselves out!

 photo compiled_zpsbbfb01b5.jpg
Calista & Samantha
Su Ting & Jing Yi

 photo 20130315_221341_zpsfa5bac3d.jpg
The hot model, Alicia! 

and of course, the main event, ARMIN VAN BUUREN!

 photo 20130315_2258570_zpscac095c0.jpg

 photo 20130315_230307_zpscf93b9b0.jpg

One thing for sure, I raved like there was no tomorrow! *this is the reason I didn't wanna bring my DSLR on the first day haha* 

I want to thank once again Manoah Consultancy & Asahi Malaysia for having me there!

I'll be updating soon about FMFA! Stay Tuned!!

*all photos are taken using the Samsung Galaxy S3


Henry Lee said…
pretty happening ey... too bad i was at st.patrick! those who won the vespa sure damn happy weih
Samuel C said…
haha yeah i was contemplating to go st patricks then to asot, but then it'll be too late so i decided not to ahaha...

i wanted the vespa badly =( not my luck
Taufulou said…
wahh.. damm jelly eh, i miss this event cuz have to tour my indonesia friends around, they don wanna go. .

see FB timeline aii. miss another awesome rave
Samuel C said…
nawww damn kesian la you bro...the next asot then? =D
Yuh Jiun said…
omg you had so much fun! Should have go that day :(