The Big Bad Wolf Sale!

Being a "newborn" nerd, I've been digging books more towards fantasy and scifi. I've been running through some of my sisters books and well, I can get lost in my own world for hours and hours reading em. (note: the missed calls and everything, I'm sorry LOL)

So i thought, I should get some of my own, and i started off with buying Warcraft books at Popular Bookstore. RM33 for a book, well it was good reading. knowing I would keep buying and buying, I told myself, Why not wait for the Big Bad Wolf Sale?

 photo IMG_20130228_150720_zpscd353233.jpg

Happening now at MIECC Mines until 3rd March, The Big Bad Wolf Sale is going on from 9am-9pm daily! To avoid the crowd, I went today (the first day) as I'll get the fresh pick on the books and also there wont be a massive human jam there

 photo 20130228_162003_zps4cbbe9ae.jpg

Not that packed huh?

At the end of the day, I managed to get 15 books. at RM75!  try to think of it? its only RM5 per book (USD 1.50$). God i love my life!

Check out my haul:

 photo SAM_1320_zps3b10d6a8.jpg

Star Wars, Star Trek, World of Warcraft and the WTF books for fun. Well i'm happy with my haul. It'll last me some time =D

If you're a book lover, head down to MIECC now to get some of the awesome books!