A great start this Chinese New Year

First and foremost, Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! All the support you've given me has brought me this far =)

Just a random update. Chinese New Year to me is pretty standardized where I would visit my dad, granny and uncles and pretty much its just gambling and eating all the way after that for the whole 15 days.

Only received a few ang paos this year, but well, it is substantial =)

So to start off the new year, I randomly went to the 4d magnum page, and they told me my lucky number was 4069. I just had a hunch i should buy it. and somehow, I managed to win the special prize today! Woohoo! extra money from 4d this time.

And as the gambling sessions started, I managed to sweep of a good lump of cash from the gamblers today! what a good start and I pray it'll continue throughout the whole 2 weeks!

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year peeps!