Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Big Bad Wolf Sale!

Being a "newborn" nerd, I've been digging books more towards fantasy and scifi. I've been running through some of my sisters books and well, I can get lost in my own world for hours and hours reading em. (note: the missed calls and everything, I'm sorry LOL)

So i thought, I should get some of my own, and i started off with buying Warcraft books at Popular Bookstore. RM33 for a book, well it was good reading. knowing I would keep buying and buying, I told myself, Why not wait for the Big Bad Wolf Sale?

 photo IMG_20130228_150720_zpscd353233.jpg

Happening now at MIECC Mines until 3rd March, The Big Bad Wolf Sale is going on from 9am-9pm daily! To avoid the crowd, I went today (the first day) as I'll get the fresh pick on the books and also there wont be a massive human jam there

 photo 20130228_162003_zps4cbbe9ae.jpg

Not that packed huh?

At the end of the day, I managed to get 15 books. at RM75!  try to think of it? its only RM5 per book (USD 1.50$). God i love my life!

Check out my haul:

 photo SAM_1320_zps3b10d6a8.jpg

Star Wars, Star Trek, World of Warcraft and the WTF books for fun. Well i'm happy with my haul. It'll last me some time =D

If you're a book lover, head down to MIECC now to get some of the awesome books! 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inti Edge Festival

Yeah it'll be a surprise to some of you, I'm a Taylorian, why on earth would I go to an Inti event? Well I guess I was just bored that day and wanted to see if the New Inti would offer me anything in the future. Maybe doing my masters in the future perhaps? =)

The Inti Edge Festival was a 3 day event, to launch its new University building. So there were activities of all sorts taking place over there. 

As for me, I just headed to the Youtube Celebrity Gathering where the likes of Dan Khoo, Jinny Boy, Dmingthing, Grim Films were there to showcase some of their work, meet the fans, etc

 photo SAM_1303_zpsd42d99c2.jpg

Honestly to me, its just another gathering with a few laughs, and uni kids getting excited. But well i did enjoy the performances by Ryan Lucas & Jenn Chia before they started with the "forum" like session

We headed off for a campus tour with Inti's President, Dr Dominic Szambowski. It is an impressive campus now with new added auditoriums, computer labs and classrooms. But somehow i find it lacked in terms of designs and ambience. most of the computer labs were painted really white which made me feel like i was in the "Umbrella Corporation Scene in Resident Evil" All in all, It is impressive and an improvement to Inti University

Here is just a rough video on how its like:

The highlight of the night was the Open DJ session with Joey G & Patricia K. Utilizing the open campus area in the middle of the new buildings, it was transformed to a concert area with a stage and barricades. Security was rather strict as we didn't want any mishaps happening

But since it was a university event, There was no Alcohol =( BOOOOOOOOO how can you party rock without alcohol or something to pump you up higher?

 photo SAM_1310_zps2c8ab588.jpg
The Deejay Spinning

 photo SAM_1308_zpsf5dd8ba6.jpg
Yeeing, Ryan, Senri & Myself

 photo SAM_1317_zpsdecdb0b3.jpg
Another picture of Senri & I

Honestly things got a lil boring at their "Party Rocking" centre as the DJ's music wasn't pumping up the people and Joey G & Patricia K were only coming out late. There was also not much of a crowd, so we decided to leave early from Inti

Honestly, its great Inti is having a much better campus now and after all the hard work that the Inti Team has done to create it, Their students will be able to enjoy better facilities in campus itself, but somehow as for the Inti Edge Festival, i felt the execution of its launching wasn't that great, It could have been better =) Well that's my honest opinions =)

*photos taken using Samsung NX20

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Don't lose it all Part 3!! What happens next?

It has been a span of a few weeks since the first episode came out. and now, finally the 3rd episode is out! Xpax Don't lose it all part 3!!

Watch it here:

Since the last episode, We know that Nick disappeared and Joe came into Amy's life. An accident occurred where Nick lost his memory and is trying to regain small fragments of it. 

Now Nick is back, could this be the end??

If you have missed out on the previous episodes, Do check them out here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

After all that we’ve seen in the long distance relationship between Amy & Nick and the love Joe had for Amy, it’s obvious that keeping in touch is so important. A quick glance on Facebook on your loved one’s wall or a tweet on your latest makes a world of difference. So it’s always important to fuel up on data to constantly stay connected with our loved one to maintain an amazing relationship. So dial *128#, pick a pack and get data now!

To get more info or view all the videos, check out:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paramore Live in KL!

 photo FA_Paramore_a5-Flyer_front_Flyerfront_zpsaf6c61ff.jpg

Since Paramore came the last time, fans have been crying out for them to come again! and since its happening now! you should grab your tickets to see them live! as they've just released their new single  "NOW". You can expect an awesome show definitely! 

Check it out:

The Return To Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur is presented by Tunetalk & Blackberry and brought down by Livescape Asia. Its going to be held on the 17th February 2013 at Stadium Merdeka! 

Being a hardcore fan of Paramore, I would fly down all the way to Singapore at that time, to just get a glimpse of them. All i can say is, They're superb! and Hayley Williams is so prettayytayyyyyyyyyy *melts*

Just imagine hearing their awesome songs presented live in perfection, it really brings out the joy in you. You'll experience songs such as:

Thats what you get


What are you waiting for? Head over to to get your tickets! Tickets are priced from RM110 – RM270. Believe me, it will definitely be worth your money as I’ve been to their concert before and I was amazed. Such a small price to pay for such an awesome experience, Tell me when would you be able to meet them again?

Other than that, there are more things to be won! Special exclusive meet & greet passes are being given out at Livescapeasia’s Facebook page! Head over to to get a chance to win em passes!

It’s definitely something that shouldn't be missed & Gimme a holla if you’re there! *can’t wait*

Monday, February 11, 2013

A great start this Chinese New Year

First and foremost, Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers! All the support you've given me has brought me this far =)

Just a random update. Chinese New Year to me is pretty standardized where I would visit my dad, granny and uncles and pretty much its just gambling and eating all the way after that for the whole 15 days.

Only received a few ang paos this year, but well, it is substantial =)

So to start off the new year, I randomly went to the 4d magnum page, and they told me my lucky number was 4069. I just had a hunch i should buy it. and somehow, I managed to win the special prize today! Woohoo! extra money from 4d this time.

And as the gambling sessions started, I managed to sweep of a good lump of cash from the gamblers today! what a good start and I pray it'll continue throughout the whole 2 weeks!

Once again, Happy Chinese New Year peeps!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Puma Future Suede #ForTheStreet

 photo 13SS_LS_Social_xFuture-Suede_210x297mm_ATL_zps97822375.jpg

Some of you may notice that I'm a hardcore Puma fan. From their shoes to their jackets, I have them all. But there is one thing that I haven't gotten yet, which is the Puma Suede's

If you're wondering what is Suede, it is basically a type of leather with a napped finish which is made from the underside of the skin. I haven't gotten anything Suede yet, as I know I wouldn't be able to take care of it. Suede is less durable compared to normal leathers and needs extra care. I have quite a rough lifestyle, so go figure..

But as for now, I may make an exception! Celebrating the 45th anniversary since the first Puma Suede came out, "Future Suede" has become the new addition to the collection. The "Future Suede" retains the signature 1968 profile of the Classic Suede and it is light on weight, light on suede and has futuristic characteristics such as a lightweight bottom, painted midsole & neoprene tongue. 

Check it out:

 photo 354674_01_profile_zps77bc888e.jpg

 photo 354674_01_intro_zpsf65f01fc.jpg

I'm really tempted to get one of my own, So i can finally use my Suede brush i bought last year for no reason LOL

 photo 20130203_074103_zps898d505e.jpg
*it looks interesting so i bought it at that time haha*

Anyway, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Puma Suede's, Puma is organizing contests, events, exhibitions and digital activities across Asia Pacific. As for starters, There is the "Evolution Of Suede Instagram contest" where you can post photos on your personal collection of Suede, a photo of your favourite street icon, or the design of Suede for the future of Instagram. All in all, there are great prizes to be won and make sure you include the hashtag #forthestreet
*this contest starts on 18th February 2013

Other than that, there is also the designing contest, where you'll be interpreting the future of Puma Suede's for the year 2058! 30 designs will be picked and exhibited where the winning design will win the grand prize of Puma Products worth RM2000, 2 VIP passes to the Puma Evolution finale event, and to meet & greet with artist at the event.

So what are you waiting for? If you're a designer, or an Epic Instagrammer, start sending in your entries to win some awesome stuff! 

For more on "Evolution of Suede", visit 

If you want to get your hands on a pair, The Future Suede is now available at Puma Outlets in One utama, Bangsar Village 2, The Gardens, Sunway Pyramid, Suria KLCC, Pavilion KL & Queensbay Mall